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  • The 25 Funniest Pranks of All Time

    The 25 Funniest Pranks of All Time

    Whether its for vengeance or just for laughs at the expense of your friend’s dignity, there’s nothing better than a good prank – except maybe for a good prank caught on camera. Some of these are from your favorite TV shows, others are viral sensations, and some are just meant to inspire your mischievous side. […] More

  • 25 Greatest Dunks Ever

    25 Greatest Dunks Ever

    There are few things more satisfying in the world of sports than watching your favorite player posterize his opponents with a high flying jam. From alley-oops to windmills, ever since 7 foot center Bob Kurland first started dunking in games during the 40’s and 50’s people have taken taken things to a whole new level. […] More