25 Ways You Can Start Having A Positive Attitude Today

Posted by , Updated on June 10, 2015

Positivity can make a huge difference in your life. And guess what? It’s something you can control! Here are 25 ways you can start having a positive attitude today!



SmileImage: pixabay

This one is possibly the easiest but also the most difficult. Smiling actually releases endorphins that perk your mood up…as long as you take the first step.


Relish small pleasures

Relish small pleasuresImage: pixabay

You don’t need a promotion to be happy. Enjoy that ice cream cone. Life is good.


Have a morning routine

Have a morning routineImage: wikipedia

You’d be surprised how having a morning routine will prepare you to tackle the day. Stretch, read, pray, do pushups, whatever it is that you do…do it. Carpe diem.


Be proactive

Be proactiveImage: Aaron Goodwin

Every day you have a choice. You can be reactive or proactive. Reactive people let circumstances shape their mood. Proactive people decide on their mood…no matter the circumstances.


Have purpose

Have purposeImage: wikipedia

This one can be a bit more esoteric and metaphysical but even if its just something small that you’re working towards, like eating healthier, make goals and strive for them.


Stop feeling entitled

Stop feeling entitledImage: wikipedia

Have you ever noticed that people who feel like the world owes them everything are also the ones that never stop complaining. Don’t be that person. Stop blaming others. Learn from your mistakes and improve your situation.


Use positive words

Use positive wordsImage: wikipedia

Especially when you’re talking to yourself. Kind of like smiling, saying “I can do this” instead of “I can’t do this” can be quite a game changer.


Be curious

Be curiousImage: Ron Mader via Flickr

Not only will this help you learn new things but it will also give you the ability to approach uncertain situations in a positive manner. And don’t forget those positive words…”I will learn from this”.


Don't expect life to be a cakewalk

Don't expect life to be a cakewalkImage: pixabay

Life is hard. Expect it. But also never forget that storms don’t last forever.


Focus on the good

Focus on the goodImage: wikipedia

As we said, life is full of bad things. You can either choose to be angry or you can be thankful.


Be thankful

Be thankfulImage: wikipedia

Which leads right into our next point. Whenever things are going really bad just stop for a moment and think of all your blessings. It’s a real game changer.


Stop feeling alone in your trials

Stop feeling alone in your trials

You are not the first person to face your particular issue. Somebody has faced it before and they made it through. So can you.


Be responsible

Be responsibleImage: wikipedia

Don’t be a victim. This goes with being proactive as you assume responsibility for your life and your decisions.



DecideImage: wikipedia

Yes, that’s it. Just decide to be happy. It really is that simple.


Hit the pause button

Hit the pause buttonImage: wikipedia

On your thoughts that is. Whenever you catch yourself thinking something negative, pause it, and restart with something positive. If you’re having trouble with this one then go back to #15


Maintain enthusiasm

Maintain enthusiasmImage: Damon Garrett via Flickr

There are numerous ways to do this and it could really be a list in itself, but everything from exercise and goals to sleeping and eating right will play a role.



VisualizeImage: pixabay

This is an easy way to switch on some more positive thoughts. If you’ve ever seen Anger Management with Adam Sandler, you’ll know what it means to “go to your happy place”.


Stop complaining

Stop complainingImage: Alan Turkus via Flickr

We’ve already discussed being a victim. Any time you spend complaining is time you could spend solving the problem. Once again, dust yourself and get back up. Which brings us to…


Have a get-back-up attitude

Have a get-back-up attitudeImage: Scott D Welch via Flickr

As Rocky once said, “it ain’t about how hard you’re hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.


Have a sense of humor

Have a sense of humorImage: pixabay

If you can’t laugh at yourself you’ve already lost. Even the worst situations can have a humorous side.


Find positive people

Find postive peopleImage: pixabay

Negativity tends to be contagious so if you spend your whole day hanging out with Debbie Downer you might start feeling a bit down yourself. Avoid this! Find positive people because a positive attitude is also contagious.


Encourage others

Encourage othersImage: ckubber via flickr

The reverse of the last point is also true. By encouraging others around you to be positive you are not only focusing on positive things but your are also making your environment more positive.


Live in the now

Live in the nowImage: wikipedia

Don’t let your mind drift too much into the past or the future. This can easily lead to a cycle of negative thoughts about things that will probably never even happen and you will feel bad for no reason.


Don't compare yourself

Don't compare yourselfImage: pixabay

In the era of facebook/twitter/instagram this is a toughy, but remember, everyone has bad days, even your most photogenic friends.


Redefine failure

Redefine failureImage: pixabay

As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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