25 Ways To Prove That College Is A Strange Place

College is weird. Sometimes in a unique way that could never happen anywhere else in the world, as in the US and Europe college is sort of an extension of adolescence and softer transition into adulthood for many, where you have fewer responsibilities but more freedoms. It’s someplace to test the waters, challenge yourself and have your ideas challenged. That atmosphere allows for opportunities that one may never get again in life. Sometimes people lose a little bit of perspective on life outside of that bubble. Then things get weird. Here are 25 Ways To Prove That College Is A Strange Place.


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Students at University of Maryland and several other universities had tests postponed and cancelled because Trump won the US election. However you feel about the 2016 US presidential election results, millions upon millions of working class Americans got up on Tuesday, November 9th, and went to work. As you do.

trumpSource: http://blogs.wsj.com/

James W Dooley is a skeleton and the unofficial mascot of Emory University. His first appearance was in 1899 in the form of letters written to the Emory Phoenix (student publication) from his home in the science lab. Dooley shows up on campus several times a year (a student dressed as a skeleton) in a top hat and gloves to preside over campus. Random walking skeleton in top had shows up, everyone is excited and shows him fealty, and it's not Halloween. Okay.


Every year around when the spring semester starts, students at NC State University take part in a magical tradition called the Krisp Kreme Challange, which consists of a 5 mile race to and from the local Krispy Kreme store, and each participant eats a dozen doughnuts in an hour or less. And they do it in costume.

Krispy Kreme ChallengeSource:https://www.collegeraptor.com

There was a riot - a legitimate RIOT with over 20 student arrests and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, fires, and five people treated at a hospital - in March of 2010 at the University Of Maryland College Park after the University's basketball team won a game. Their team won, and they rioted. Riots also happened after basketball wins in 2002, and a smaller but still damaging celebration after the 2006 women's basketball team defeated Duke.

University of MarylandSource: http://www.washingtonpost.com/

Vassar College has a tradition called "Serenading" wherein freshmen sing insults as seniors walk door to door and are pelted with water balloons filled with condiments. While going door to door and singing isn't that weird in a historical context, and neither is throwing food, planning to throw condiments at people while singing mean songs on a specific date raises...so many questions. Like who cleans it up?


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