25 Ways To Improve Your Concentration And Focus On Getting Things Done

For those of you who always talk about how bad your ADHD is, this list is for you. The good news is that focus and concentration can be learned. The bad news is that it’s not easy. These are 25 ways to improve your concentration and focus on getting things done.


Write things down

Write things downSource: health.com, Image: pixabay

Especially when you are in meetings. That way you can focus without trying to remember what you need to do later.


Map things out

Map things outSource: health.com, Image: pixabay

Basically this means to plan your day. It will give you an idea of what you need to focus on and when.


Find the right environment

Find the right environmentSource: health.com, Image: pixabay

If you are studying for the SAT it might not be wise to do it in a noisy environment. The key is to figure out where you focus best.



PrioritizeSource: health.com, Image: pexels.com

Now that you’ve written down what you need to do today, rank everything according to priority and put your maximum focus on the most important things. Even if they are not fun to do.


Take a breather

Take a breatherSource: health.com, Image: Jason Pratt via flickr

This doesn’t mean to go off and siesta for 2 hours but just getting up and going to the water fountain can give your brain a much needed break.

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