25 Odd Ways The World Around You Is Not What You Think

There are so many ways the world around you is not what you think it is. After all, the world is a strange place and it’s growing more bizarre every day.  Our world is made even stranger when we find out that beliefs and things we’ve held dear for ages, are not what we think they are. It’s like learning that the sky is not blue, or that pigs can actually fly (The sky is blue and pigs can’t fly so don’t worry). Whether it be a five-year-old mother (of a real boy, not a doll) or that Ellen’s Oscars selfie may have been staged and planned, this list may turn some of your thoughts about the world upside down. So if you are ready to look at the world around you in a completely new light, read on to find 25 Odd Ways The World Around You Is Not What You Think.

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Dogs are deadlier than sharks

Military Working DogsSource: KSL.com, Image: Wikimedia

Dogs kill 2,500 times more humans each year than sharks do. Over 25,000 humans perish annually due to rabies infections passed on from dogs. In 2010, dogs killed 33 people in attacks.


We use most of our brains

Brain_lobesSource: Scientific American, Image: Wikimedia

Ever heard that we only use 10% of our brains? In a way the world is different from what you think (literally), this statement is actually a myth! The low number relates to much-outdated knowledge of the brain. In fact, only a small amount of our neurons are firing at any moment; though, they activate at other times to carry out different processes, from thinking to breathing to regulating blood flow.


Ellen's Oscar selfie may have been planned and paid for

oscar selfieSource: Inc., Image: ifindkarma via Flickr

Remember Ellen Degeneres’s selfie taken at the 2013 Oscars? There’s more behind it than meets the eye. Cell phone maker Samsung paid $20 million for their products to be used throughout the show. Ellen’s selfie, they claim, was unplanned, but Ellen spoke about breaking the record during rehearsal.


There's a marathon run over an old fortress

great wall of chinaSource: Great Wall Marathon, Image: Wikipedia

The Great Wall Marathon in China is one of the most grueling marathons in the world, taking runners up 5,164 steps and down the infamous “Goat Track”, so named because it is so steep only goats can properly navigate it! Meant to protect the Chinese from invading hordes, nowadays the Great Wall welcomes foreign visitors, runners or otherwise.


Vaccines don't cause autism

Child_vaccineSource: Forbes, Image: Wikipedia

Vaccines don’t cause autism – and this myth needs to be settled for good! As the vaccine debate has recently sprung back up, it’s important to note that only one study ever made a correlation between vaccinations and autism and the data was falsified.

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