25 Unbelievable Abandoned Missile Silos And Nuclear Bunkers

Although the world is relatively peaceful these days, it’s easy to see how violent the last few centuries have been. Even in North America you can find government bunkers and abandoned missile silos that were constructed during World War II. In Europe, the number of underground bunkers is hard to imagine. From Switzerland to Paris, the entire continent is filled with the remains of war. These are 25 Unbelievable Abandoned Missile Silos And Nuclear Bunkers.


Devil’s Slide Bunkers, California

Devil’s Slide BunkersSource: slate.com

Built in the 1930’s, this abandoned pillbox sticks out of the California coastline.


Greenbrier Bunker, West Virginia

Greenbrier BunkerSource: greenbrier.com

Built under a luxury hotel, from 1959-1992 this bunker was ready to house all of Congress for up to several years if need be. At least until it was exposed by a news reporter.


Duga Radar, Ukraine

Duga radarSource: newsweek.com

Called the “Steel Yard” by NATO countries, you can still find abandoned bunkers littered around this former Soviet radio base. You may want to be careful though, it’s really close to Chernobyl, so there are obvious radiation dangers.


Fort Ord, California

Fort OrdSource: nimst.tripod.com

Until it was abandoned in 1992, it was one of the largest military facilities in the country.


Fort Tilden, New York

Fort TildenSource: nps.gov

Found in Queens, this World War II era fortification had its guns aimed at the ocean with the intent of stopping an Axis invasion.

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