25 Facts About Hitler That Might Take You By Surprise

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2024

Adolf Hitler undeniably stands as one of the most disputed and despised figures in global history, and rightly so. His convictions and ideas nearly plunged mankind into a full-scale war, leaving a trail of catastrophic death and devastation. Although his contribution to history is undoubtedly negative, understanding the personality that could do such appalling acts as Hitler did will not be detrimental to us. Ideally, by delving into history and acknowledging the grotesque scar that Hitler left, we can deter such an individual’s emergence in the future. Here, then, are 25 surprising facts about Hitler.



Hitler married Eva Braun and committed suicide the day after


For many years, Hitler refused to marry Braun for fear of how it would affect his image. Yet, he decided to do so when the Germans were facing defeat. Hitler and Braun wed in a civil ceremony. The following day, their dead bodies were found. Hitler had shot himself and Braun died from a cyanide capsule.


Hitler had a controversial relationship with half-niece.


When Geli Raubal, Hitler’s half-niece, pursued medicine, she stayed in Hitler’s apartment in Munich. Later on, Hitler became extremely possessive and domineering of her. He even prohibited her from doing anything without his permission after he heard rumors of her relationship with Hitler’s driver. After returning from a short meeting in Nuremberg, Hitler found the body of his half-niece who had apparently shot herself with Hitler’s gun.


Hitler and the Church


Hitler wanted the Vatican to recognize his authority so in 1933, the Catholic church and the German Reich signed a covenant that assured the protection of the church but only if they remained dedicated solely to religious activities. This agreement, however, was broken and the Nazis continued with anti-Catholic activities.


Hitler’s own version of the Nobel Prize


After banning the Nobel Prize, Hitler developed his own version – the German National Prize for Art and Science. Ferdinand Porsche was one of the awardees for being the man behind the world’s first hybrid car and for the Volkswagen Beetle.


Hitler’s collection of Jewish artifacts


Hitler initially considered creating a ‘Museum of an Extinct Race’ that would house his collection of Jewish artifacts.


Eiffel Tower’s elevator cables


When Paris fell to the control of Germany in 1940, the French cut off the elevator cables in the Eiffel Tower. This was intentionally done to compel Hitler to climb the steps to the top. Hitler however, decided not to drop by the Tower instead of climbing more than a thousand stairs.


Hitler and the women’s cosmetic industry


Hitler initially planned for the outright banning of the cosmetics industry to pave the way for a total war economy. However, to avoid disappointing Eva Braun, he opted for a gradual close down.


American Genocide of Native Americans


Hitler often praised the “efficiency” of the American Genocide of Native Americans.


Hitler and art


Hitler had artistic inclinations. When he moved to Vienna during the 1900s, Hitler initially thought of pursuing a career in the arts. He even applied for the Vienna’s Academy of Art but was denied for his ‘unfitness for painting’.


Hitler’s family environment

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Hitler grew up in an authoritarian family environment. His father (who was an Austrian customs official), has been noted for his strictness and hot temper. It has also been observed that Hitler embodied many of his father’s personality traits.


Why Hitler was frustrated at Germany’s surrender in WWI


While Hitler was recovering from a gas attack during World War I, the announcement of the armistice was delivered which signaled the end of the war. This announcement was largely to blame for Hitler’s anger and his belief that the Germans were betrayed by their own leaders.


The general who refused to commit suicide


When it became obvious that the Germans were about to lose the Battle of Stalingrad, Hitler expected the leader of his army, to take his own life. However, the General remarked, “I have no intention of shooting myself for this Bohemian corporal.” and surrendered in 1943.


Why he did not like soccer


Hitler later developed a dislike for soccer because German victory over non-Germans could not be ensured no matter how hard they try to manipulate or fix the setup.


Hitler’s original complete name


Hitler’s father had his named changed in 1877. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for people to mention Hitler’s complete name – Adolf Schicklgruber.


Hitler’s ‘honorary Aryans’


It was discovered that one of Hitler’s close friends and personal chauffeurs was of Jewish descent. Thus, key officials in Hitler’s party recommended for his expulsion from SS. However, he and even his brothers were granted exception by Hitler, considering them as ‘honorary Aryans’.


Hitler’s ‘noble Jew’


Hitler also had his own way of paying debts of gratitude. When he was still a child, his family could not afford the hefty professional fees of a doctor. Luckily, a Jewish-Austrian doctor never charged him and his family for his medical services. When Hitler came into power, the doctor enjoyed the ‘everlasting gratitude’ of the Nazi leader. He was exempted from the concentration camp. He was also given due protection and was named the ‘noble Jew’.


The lawyer who cross-examined Hitler


Early in his political career, Hitler was summoned to the witness box by a Jewish lawyer named Hans Litten and was cross-examined for 3 hours. During the regime of the Nazis, this Jewish lawyer was arrested and tortured for half a decade until finally, he committed suicide.


Hitler as a Disney fan


Hitler loved Disney. He even described Snow White as one of the world’s best films at that time. In fact, sketches of Bashful, Doc and Pinocchio attributed to Hitler have been recovered.


Hitler’s burial

Hitler's parents grave tombstonewww.theguardian.com

His body was buried four times before it was finally cremated and the ashes thrown into the wind.


Mustache design


Previously, Hitler’s mustache used to be of the handlebar type. In World War I, he trimmed his mustache, changing the design to his famous toothbrush style. According to him, the handlebar type prevented his gasmask from fitting properly.


Mercedes-Benz car loan

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While Hitler was imprisoned, he managed to write an application for a car loan to the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Years later, the letter was recovered within a flea market.


What Hitler’s mustache meant for him


There are claims that Hitler wanted to maintain his moustache because he thought it would make his nose look smaller.


Hitler’s token to a successful Olympian


Jesse Owens, a successful Olympian, was surprised to receive a congratulatory token from Hitler after his success in the 1936 Olympics. President Roosevelt did not even send Owens a telegram to congratulate him for such an achievement.


Hitler as a wounded infantryman


During World War I, Hitler was an infantryman wounded in the middle of the war. Surprisingly, Hitler earned the mercy and sympathy of a British soldier.


Hugo Jaeger was Hitler’s personal photographer


Throughout the entire commotion, Jaeger remained very loyal him. To avoid being prosecuted for his connection with Hitler, the photographer decided to hide his photos of the Nazi leader. Nevertheless, in 1955, he ended up selling these photos to Life Magazine in exchange for a considerable profit.