25 Facts About Hitler That Might Take You By Surprise

Posted by , Updated on January 30, 2015

Without a doubt, Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial and reviled personalities in world history and for good reasons. His beliefs, opinions and ideals dragged humanity to the brink of war, causing widespread death and destruction. Nevertheless, he is a defining characteristic (all be it a bad one) in the history of this planet and it would not harm us to learn what kind of personality would do the monstrous things Hitler did. Hopefully, by looking into the past and identifying the horrid blemish that Hitler was, hopefully we can prevent such a person from ever rising again. So here are 25 facts about Hitler that might take you by surprise.

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Hitler married Eva Braun and committed suicide the day after


For many years, Hitler refused to marry Braun for fear of how it would affect his image. Yet, he decided to do so when the Germans were facing defeat. Hitler and Braun wed in a civil ceremony. The following day, their dead bodies were found. Hitler had shot himself and Braun died from a cyanide capsule.


Hitler had a controversial relationship with half-niece.


When Geli Raubal, Hitler’s half-niece, pursued medicine, she stayed in Hitler’s apartment in Munich. Later on, Hitler became extremely possessive and domineering of her. He even prohibited her from doing anything without his permission after he heard rumors of her relationship with Hitler’s driver. After returning from a short meeting in Nuremberg, Hitler found the body of his half-niece who had apparently shot herself with Hitler’s gun.


Hitler and the Church


Hitler wanted the Vatican to recognize his authority so in 1933, the Catholic church and the German Reich signed a covenant that assured the protection of the church but only if they remained dedicated solely to religious activities. This agreement, however, was broken and the Nazis continued with anti-Catholic activities.


Hitler’s own version of the Nobel Prize


After banning the Nobel Prize, Hitler developed his own version – the German National Prize for Art and Science. Ferdinand Porsche was one of the awardees for being the man behind the world’s first hybrid car and for the Volkswagen Beetle.


Hitler’s collection of Jewish artifacts


Hitler initially considered creating a ‘Museum of an Extinct Race’ that would house his collection of Jewish artifacts.

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