25 Tricks That Some Professions And Businesses Actually Do Hate

Posted by , Updated on October 13, 2022

We’ve all heard and seen those advertisements that talk about something that doctors or plumbers or bankers hate. It’s some trick that somebody figured out, and now the professionals aren’t making as much money, so they hate the fact that somebody figured out “their tricks.” The crazy things about those ads is that they work. They play off of our paranoid natures where everything in us wants to believe what they are saying. The irony, however, is that the people tricking us aren’t the doctors or the accountants, it’s the people behind the ads.

Having said that, there are some legitimate “tricks” that people in various industries would rather you didn’t know. Of course, when we say “people” we aren’t referring to everybody. For example, many IT professionals would be more than happy if you knew how to restart your computer. It would solve 90% of your problems and take a load off of them. Without a doubt though, there are some that would rather you didn’t realize it so that they can make some extra bucks when you call. It’s worth mentioning, however, that these are usually the rookies and amateurs (which is why they don’t have enough business). So, without further ado, these are 25 tricks that some professions and business actually do hate.

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Gadget shops

Gadget shopsImage: en.wikipedia.org, Source: lifehacker

If it’s electronic, you can get it cheaper online. Usually a lot lot cheaper.


Coffee bars

Coffee barsImage: commons.wikimedia.org, Source: reddit

Order an espresso with extra ice and use the milk from the condiment bar. Instant latte, and the coffee bar hates you.



ITSource: lifehacker

Turning it off and back on again. Actually, on second thought, the IT guys don’t hate this trick at all. They would rather you use it because then you won’t bother them.



TelemarketersImage: publicdomainpictures.net, Source: reddit

They hate it when you ask to be put on their “do not call list” because they are legally obliged to do so.


Car mechanics

Car mechanicsImage: commons.wikimedia.org, Source: lifehacker

They hate it when you take a few hours to learn things about your car like how to change the oil, the fluids it needs, easy fixes, etc. This is because informed customers don’t typically pay to have their blinker fluid changed. Also, they don’t want you buying a Honda. Those things never break.



RetailImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

When you go to the store right before they’re closing, you’ll often be the only one in the store, and you can often stay and browse around for a bit. This is because many stores (in the US) have policies that prevent them from just throwing customers out. Keep in mind though, the people working their probably won’t be too keen on your behavior.


Fast food

sodaImage: publicdomainpictures.net, Source: reddit

In the US, ordering your drink without ice gives you more soda or whatever it is that you ordered. The company deliberately instructs its staff to put ice in the drinks by default to cut costs.

Note: You should be drinking water anyway. Sugary drinks are right up there with cigarettes when it comes to things that kill westerners.



airplaneimage: pixabay.com, Source: lifehacker

Skiplagged is a website that lets you find cheaper flights by booking past your destination. This is because if you are flying from point A to B, sometimes a flight from A to B to C is cheaper, and you just get off at B. Airlines really do hate this site.


Creative professionals

Creative professionalsImage: thebluediamondgallery.com, Source: reddit

They hate when you use fiverr. Of course, this is basically outsourcing because you’re paying somebody in the Philippines to do something for much cheaper. But we get mad when big companies move jobs overseas, right?



eyeglassesImage: pixabay.com, Source: lifehacker

They don’t like when you ask for your prescription information e.g. the distance between your pupils. This is because they know that you will try to buy your glasses online, which is cheaper than the glasses they sell. Legally though, they are obliged to tell you.

Note: Not all optometrists hate this. Many are fine with it because they are great doctors, and people go to them because of that. It’s the ones that just want to squeeze out every cent that will hate you.


Customer Service

Customer ServiceImage: pixabay, Source: lifehacker

In the United States, selecting Spanish will often lead to faster service. Most of the operators will speak English anyway.


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ITSource: lifehacker

The only reason there are so many IT professionals is because there are so many people who don’t know how to google the fixes for relatively simple problems.

Note: We’re not talking about things that IT professionals would actually be needed for. We’re talking about things like changing your DNS servers, etc.


Most service providers

Most service providersImage: Samuel M. Livingston via Flickr, Source: reddit

Although the “I want to cancel my service” phone call can potentially get you some good deals from the retention department, companies definitely don’t like people abusing it.


Grocery Stores

Grocery StoresImage: en.wikipedia.org, Source: lifehacker

Many grocery stores in the United States have a policy that if an item rings up at the wrong price, you get that item for free. Do what you will with this information, but know that cashiers will hate you.


Tax preparers

Tax preparersImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Just do your taxes online. It’s easy and way way way cheaper. The tax preparers will hate you!



LocksmithsImage: pixabay, Source: lifehacker

Many police departments will unlock cars for free (at least in some parts of the US).



RestaurantsImage: pixabay, Source: lifehacker

In the United States, water is almost always free. You can ask for it to come with a lemon. And there is always sugar at the table. Instant lemonade.



CasinosImage: picserver.org, Source: bbc

While not counting cards isn’t illegal, the casinos hate it and will throw you out for it.


Internet marketers

Internet marketersSource: reddit

Adblockers. They hate them.


Multi-level marketers

Multi level marketersSource: lifehacker

The trick: being smart and ignoring them. They hate this trick more than anything.


Credit card companies

Credit card companiesImage: wikipedia, Source: lifehacker

Paying your bills in advance. They hate when you do this because they don’t make any money off of you.


For profit colleges

For profit collegesImage: pixabay, Source: nytimes

Realizing that you can get an education for free online. Or, if you live in the US and can’t afford school, go to Europe. It’s either free or really cheap.


Homeopathic practitioners

Homeopathic practitionersSource: reddit

Science. They hate when you get into it.



PlumbersImage: pixabay, Source: lifehacker

Many clogged sinks can be fixed with a regular sink plunger. For some reason everyone seems to use those on toilets…


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Health Insurance

Health InsuranceImage: 401(K) 2012 via Flickr, Source: theguardian.com

Ask about prepaid discounts for procedures you know are going to happen like childbirth. Sometimes the price can fall from over $10,000 to only a couple thousand.

Note: You can also try leaving the United States. Many operations will be cheaper elsewhere, even with travel costs.

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