25 Brilliant Travel Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know

Travel is not just about any one facet. It’s a careful choreography of the ground transportation, airport, airline, bus, cruise, rail, ferry and car rental experiences. Lack of essential knowledge in any of these areas makes for a not so great travel experience. What’s the point of getting a low airfare, but sitting at the gate with everyone else, when you could be relaxing in the airline/airport lounge if you had the knowhow? Or, arriving at your hotel at 8 a.m. and having to wait until 3 p.m. to check into your room as you don’t know how to get early check-in? Or flying in Economy class when you could be sitting in First class, because you don’t know how to ensure that you stand a chance at getting an upgrade? Hopefully, these travel hacks will fix this.

Knowing how to capitalize on the different aspects of the travel experience takes time, effort and knowledge. If you are knowledgeable about travel, it makes a very big difference in the experience you will have on your journey. For me, it’s all about the journey not the destination, so I take great care in ensuring that I have a pleasant experience each time I travel.

These 25 travel hacks are designed to ensure that your travel experience is stellar when next you travel.

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If you don’t want to pay to check your bags and can get it past the security checkpoint, the airlines will typically check it for free just before boarding.

Checked bags

They almost always make an announcement to check it for free since they usually run out of overhead room and then you have to check it anyways. Also, if its a smaller airplane, like a regional jet (Embraer 135, 145, 170, 175, 190 although the 170, 175 and 190 have slightly bigger bins) you’ll have to check it anyways, but they return it to you at the gate instead of at baggage claim like they do when you are on the bigger jets!


If you think you’ll have extra bags and/or overweight bags, don’t always buy the lowest fare.

First classImage: Wikipedia

Sometimes, the upgrade to first/business class is not too much and will cover the cost of the extra bags and weight of the bags. Typically, Business and First class passengers have more baggage and weight allowances so you are getting way more value for the price difference.


Store luggage on the side.

store luggae

On most wide-bodied aircraft (twin aisles), the overhead bins in the middle of the airplane are smaller, so if you have a slightly larger carry-on bag, place it in the bins on the sides of the airplane as opposed to the middle.


Book non-U.S. airlines if possible.

British AirwaysImage: Artyom Anikeev / Shutterstock.com

Some foreign carriers have better amenities than U.S. carriers (even in economy) and oftentimes have cheaper fares.


If you search on some airlines’ Web sites and do not complete the transaction, then go to Facebook, you will see an ad to complete your booking.

FacebookImage via Flickr user: downloadsource.fr

Click on it and then you will be magically taken to where you left off in the booking process and usually, you will be offered a discount.

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