25 Totally Crazy Photos From Russia

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No matter what country we live in, we all sometimes feel like the people around us are crazy. They wear weird clothes, do creepy stuff, say strange things… But the craziness of people´s behavior can be very relative. What seems weird to you doesn’t have to be weird for someone else. However, there is one particular country that got famous all over the world for the craziest and most improbable photos from everyday life. Yes, it’s Russia. After watching the following 25 pictures from this country, you will probably revise your rankings of what is normal and what is crazy.


We all know Russia is an extremely cold country but some of the people living there obviously managed to adapt. Sunbathing on snow seems like a common thing.

russiacrazy.com Funny-pictures-meanwhile-in-Russia-51russiacrazy.com

Similarly to cold baths for pregnant women.

guff.com 8002619ojsguff.com

If you cannot cope with coldness, you have to find a way to warm you up. Nothing warm your feet better than a gas oven.

izismile.com crazy_and_hilarious_things_that_could_only_happen_in_russia_640_23izismile.com

And nothing compares to a relaxing chat with friends in a heated swimming pot.

xaxor.com crazy-pics-from-russia-part7-8xaxor.com

If your car air conditioner doesn’t provide enough heat, just installed a stove in the car.

photoblog.nbcnews.com pb-120209-volvo-woodburning-stove-02.photoblog900photoblog.nbcnews.com

One of the things the Russians are famous for is their creativity and sense for novelty.

elitedaily.com meanwhile_in_russia_4elitedaily.com

There are many things the Russians invented. To name a few, we can mention the loud speaker backpack…

izismile.com crazy_and_hilarious_things_that_could_only_happen_in_russia_640_14izismile.com

…the highly sophisticated heating sink system….

thecrazyrussians.com only_in_russia_07thecrazyrussians.com

…the conference restroom…

izismile.com crazy_and_hilarious_things_that_could_only_happen_in_russia_640_45izismile.com

…or the futuristic bike handlebars.

www.funnyjunk.com 0b6f8c_3706800www.funnyjunk.com

These guys became famous for the brilliant idea to turn their living room into a swimming pool.

www.mirror.co.uk Swimming-pool-in-Russian-flatwww.mirror.co.uk

Cutting sausage with a knife is boring. Russian boys use a sword.

lotoflaughters.com only-in-russia-022-03042013lotoflaughters.com

In Russia, there are many bears who are often an inseparable part of local people´s everyday life. They watch the TV…

thecrazyrussians.com only_in_russia_16thecrazyrussians.com

…and travel in a car…

elitedaily.com meanwhile_in_russia_1elitedaily.com

But if they get too annoying, you have to chase them away.

www.youtube.com maxresdefaultwww.youtube.com

The Russians are also very creative when it comes to inventing new exciting competitions and entertainments such as drinking vodka through a flip-flop shoe…

www.sadanduseless.com only-in-russia1www.sadanduseless.com

…the original horse race…

bitcointalk.org ip.bitcointalk.orgbitcointalk.org

…cutting watermelons with a chainsaw…

englishrussia.com watermelonenglishrussia.com

…carrying tables in mouth…

thecrazyrussians.com crazy_russian_20thecrazyrussians.com

…or car stunt shows that put the Hollywood tricks in the shade.

guff.com crazy_stunts_12guff.com

Forget girlish bathrooms, Russian tough guys do their hygiene in an excavator shovel.

elitedaily.com meanwhile_in_russia_15elitedaily.com

Have you heard of toilet-seat ball?

ilikr.net crazy-pics-russia-part12-17ilikr.net

But we must admit there are still some things in Russia that, in spite of our greatest efforts, we cannot find any explanation for. Such as this…

englishrussia.com 3englishrussia.com


25 Totally Crazy Photos From Russiafunnie.st

…or this. But the guy seems to be right. Just don’t think about it too much and relax. This is Russia.

izismile.com ould_only_happen_in_russia_640_33izismile.com

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