25 Totally Awesome Mods For Minecraft Pocket Edition

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2024

A short while back, we provided a roundup of the exceptional features of Minecraft, primarily focusing on its PC version. However, there exists a mobile variant of the game too, known as the Pocket Edition. The aim of this version mirrors that of its more advanced PC and Console Edition equivalents, allowing players to construct virtual realities in a sandbox-like setting. But, how is this achieved? Through the use of Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Mods, an abbreviated term for modifications, alter the original world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, enabling you to add a personal touch to this new virtual reality.

Additionally, mods will help a player add more options to how he or she interacts with Minecraft Pocket Edition’s world, but keep in mind that installing mods can be tricky and frustrating sometimes. So, before you get started, you have to make sure you understand what mods are and how they work. For this reason we’ve collected 25 of the best and most useful mods that will help make your time playing Minecraft Pocket Edition more exciting, vivid, and definitely interesting. Here are 25 Totally Awesome Mods For Minecraft Pocket Edition.



Warp mod

Warp modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Warp mod will make you feel like you’re Spock from Star Trek since it adds a new feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition with which you can quickly teleport to different places within a few seconds.


ThaumCraft mod

ThaumCraft modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

A very popular mod for the computer version is now available to players of the pocket edition. This mod is created by the author of the popular Factorization mod, and once you install ThaumCraft, there will be many new magical items in your world such as aura, cauldron aspects, and golems among others.


Swag Glasses mod

Swag Glasses modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

If fashion and swag are your thing, then these cool glasses will make you very happy. After all, as Andre Agassi used to say, image is everything.


Super Mario mod + map

Super Mario mod + mapSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

After installing Super Mario mod, you will get fifteen new block elements in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14, and with their help, you will be able to create different structures and parkour levels. We don’t need to say where this mod got its inspiration from, right?


Shields mod

Shields modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Shields Mod adds the shields that will keep you safer in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 and which you can use to increase your protection at all times.


The Lord of the Rings mod

Lord Of The Rings modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This mod is based on the movie and adds real adventures to the game! New blocks, tools, weapons, mobs, and the tower, which you can find in the world and also get useful things.


Lightsabers mod

Lightsabers modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Let’s put it this way: a Star Wars–related mod just couldn’t not be among the new mods, right? This mod adds some of the magic atmosphere of the global phenomenon in MCPE 0.12, namely our favorite weapon, the Jedi lightsaber.


Iron Man mod

Iron Man modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Wanna be a superhero while playing Minecraft? Well, here’s your chance. With this mod you will earn a whole set of different items made by Iron Man! Gadgets, armor sets, different technological tricks, and much more.


IdeaCraft mod

IdeaCraft modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

The IdeaCraft mod adds many new and useful things to the Pocket version of Minecraft. Among these are the awesome gravity gun and jetpack along with many other useful things.


GunCraft mod (Zombie Edition)

GunCraft mod Zombie EditionSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

GunCraft mod Zombie Edition is a cool modification that adds a lot of guns, with which you will be able to fight the zombies in the world of Minecraft PE!


God of War mod

God Of War modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This mod is based on the popular videogame God of War. It adds a lot of new items and armor, which have their own unique abilities when you go on the attack, inspired by the wildly famous game.


Extra Doors mod

Extra Doors modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

If you happen to be a player who is tired of the standard door in Minecraft and would like to be able to build a house with more doors, then this mod will make you more than happy.


Dragon Mounts mod

Dragon Mounts modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This epic mod will help you ride the ancient dragons and make you feel like you’re back in medieval times or in The Lord of the Rings. To get started you need to grow, feed, and then ride the dragon.


Deep into the Mist mod

Deep into the Mist modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This mod has a story and adds a new dimension with the new structures, rune stones (which can be activated), and the hard-core but fun boss at the end. Beautiful animation and shaders give a special atmosphere to the game, while this mod also has  new portals, treasures, altars, totems, and more.


Commands mod

Commands modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This mod might not appear as impressive and exciting as some of the others listed, but it will definitely make your life easier when playing. You see, it makes it possible to use a small set of very useful commands with which gameplay control becomes much easier!


Battlefield Gear mod

Battlefield Gear modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This mod enables you to create hand grenades and assault rifles. Each of these items in your inventory will cause your opponent serious damage, thus making this modification quite useful and effective.


Arcade mod

Arcade modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Arcade mod adds eight different games and more fun to your world. The list of games includes classics like Super Snake, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man.


Night Vision Mod

Night Vision ModSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

The Night Vision mod will save you from having to constantly walk with torches. It is not very convenient and practical, but this device will dramatically shift the situation in your favor and at the same time make you feel like a commando on a mission.


Wife mod

Wife modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

After installing this mod, you’ll be able to have your own wife and children. As for the female players? Well, you should probably positively evaluate this modification someway, somehow.


Toolbox (TooManyItems) mod

Toolbox (TooManyItems) modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Toolbox (TooManyItems) is a popular mod for Minecraft PE that facilitates the survival mode of your regular game. This mod adds a lot of features to the game.


Useful Food mod

Usefull Food modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Taking into account that we live in a world where good food is a pleasure to the vast majority of people, it makes perfect sense then how this mod can make any player happy. It adds a lot of new food such as fried eggs, pasta, cheese, ice cream, and pizza, and everything becomes even tastier in the game.


Weather Wands mod

Weather Wands modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Weather Wands mod for Minecraft PE will make you feel like Zeus or something. The mod adds ten special sticks that are specifically designed for transforming the weather when you use them.



Tardis modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

This modification adds the “TARDIS” time machine into the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. With this time machine you can travel back in time and fix all the mistakes of the past for a better present and an even better future. We wish this were an option in real life too, no?


X-Ray mod

X-Ray modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

As the name tells you, this mod will allow you to see the resources and some blocks through the wall, ground, and other obstacles. Who doesn’t want their very own Superman vision these days?


Invisible mod

Invisible modSource: for-minecraft.com, Image: YouTube

Arguably one of the most valuable and useful mods, the Invisible mod will give your character the ability to become invisible and help you experience one of the greatest superpowers most people wish to have in real life along with the ability to fly.


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