25 Common Minecraft Legends And Myths That Aren’t True

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2024

Minecraft is a highly popular game currently, hence the emergence of countless urban legends associated with this virtual realm is not unexpected. We’ve all fallen prey to believing some of these misconceptions. From the idea of source lava being destroyed to the notion of mob spawning at night, here are 25 Widespread Minecraft Legends and Myths That Are Actually False.


Dirt deep underground leads to good things.


Dirt actually shows no indication of minerals or diamonds.


The username xxxxxx gives you unlimited diamonds when you spawn.


No username affects gameplay in any way.


Gold tools are useless

gold shovel

While it’s true that gold does have a lower durability than wood, it can destroy blocks faster than diamond.


Mobs spawn at night.

night in minecraft

Mobs will spawn whenever and wherever it is dark. This has no bearing on the time of day.


Portals in the overworld and the nether are linked.

minecraft overworld

There is no link between two obsidian portals. The portal searching/spawning algorithm runs every time you use one.


All caves have a spawner in them.

minecraft cave

While this is usually true, it is not always the case.


Eating constantly is good or at the very least doesn't affect you.


It’s actually better to eat when the hunger bar is low because you’ll make better use of the food and go longer without eating.


Rare ore spawns more near lava.


Lava just happens to fill empty space at layer 10 and below, and diamonds happen to spawn at those levels.


Ambient sounds have always existed in multiplayer.

sound waves

These were an SSP only feature until Release 1.2.


Mushrooms on the surface signal that an underground dungeon is nearby.

minecraft dungeon

Fortunately, you don’t hear this myth much anymore, which is good because it was false.


Fire makes netherwarts grow faster.


Nope, it doesn’t.


Ghasts can cross portals and spawn near portals in the overworld.

minecraft ghast

This is another rampant myth that seemed to die down recently.


There are more than three strongholds since [any given version number]

minecraft library in a stronghold

Wrong. There are only three strongholds in any world.


Slimes spawn in brightly lit 9x9 rooms.

minecraft slime

All it takes to prove this one wrong is a bunch of torches.


The nether causes wheat and trees to grow slowly.

minecraft nether

While they do in fact grow more slowly, it is not because of the nether. It is the lack of water and natural light.


Spider jockeys are a mob.


They are actually two mobs. The game allows any entity to ride on another entity so it is only chance that a skeleton would mount a spider upon generation.


The SGA name corresponds to the enchantment you get.

standard galactic alphabet

Wrong. The names are just a bunch of gibberish.


You can obtain disc 11 in survival mode.


Nope. This disc is unobtainable outside of creative mode.


Bedrock can be broken by a pick in 13 hours.

pick axe

This one is really old, but some people still believe it.


Source lava cannot be destroyed by TNT.

minecraft lava

Because it has a blast resistance of 500, it is almost impossible to destroy with TNT. Why almost? The TNT changes the source lava to flowing lava which actually can be destroyed.


Digging, chopping, or mining a material with that same material is faster.

minecraft world

Actually, it’s not. Hitting blocks of wood while holding wood will give you the same results as normal.


The use of a looting III sword will massively increase the chance of a rare drop.


While the chance is increased, it’s only by 1.5%.


Hostile mobs will not spawn above a certain elevation.

minecraft statue

Just add a roof on top of the spawning area and spawn they will.


Layer 12 is best for branch mines because that's where the diamonds spawn most often.


Although diamonds are slightly more abundant at lower levels, it’s not very worthwhile due to the lava lakes.


There is a character called Herobrine who has white blank eyes.


Herobrine is a myth. He makes no appearance in the game’s code.