25 Tips For Improving Your Photography

Posted by , Updated on June 29, 2014

Imagery can be quite powerful. It can exude emotion, invoke reactions and can make you dream of possibilities. Photography is a powerful medium that enables artists to capture a world seen through varying lenses (whether physical or ideological) by etching a concrete display of the flitting images of life, such as when a butterfly springs out of its cocoon or when a seed starts to sprout. In order to help you capture these special moments, here are 25 tips for improving your photography.

If you can, approach your subject and get close. By getting close, your primary subject fills the frame and becomes the shot’s most important element. You are also able to get more details in a shot.

photography tips

There’s just nothing like natural light to light up your subjects. When shooting outside avoid the use of flash as much as possible.

photography tips

Due to the angle, color and quality of light, some of the best times for outdoor photography are right before/as the sun rises and right before/as the sun sets. These transitional light periods help to create some dramatic effects.

photography tips

The most interesting photos are the ones where the subject is just a bit off the center. Divide the frame into thirds and then place your subject in one of the upper, lower, left or even right thirds. This creates movement in your images, making them more dynamic.

photography tips

You don’t always need to be directly facing your subjects when photographing them. Get low, get up, or move to the side. Experiment with different angles and different positions.

photography tips

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