25 Heroic Animals Who Rescued People

We have already posted a number of posts to show you how amazing, beautiful, and cute animals are, but this time around, we are going to show yet another great quality some animals have – enormous loyalty and bravery. That is right, our post today is dedicated to animal heroes who have stepped in and saved humans from imminent dangers and sometimes even inevitable death. You might have heard some stories about domestic animals such as dogs and cats who saved their owners, but in fact, there have also been many wild animals who have rushed in a critical situation and saved the day for distressed humans in the most unexpected and heroic ways. As we at List25 love these amazing stories, we searched the web through and compiled a list with 25 animals who have rescued humans. If you are an animal lover, we are pretty confident you will adore these creatures even more after reading this post. From a pig who saved a woman from a heart attack and a dog who saved 92 stranded sailors to an elephant who saved a little girl from deadly tsunami, here are 25 Heroic Animals Who Rescued People.

Feature image: Pixabay.com


Dolphins saved swimmers from a shark.

DolphinsSource: www.afd.org.au, image: pixabay.com

In 2004, four people were saved in New Zealand from a great white shark by a pod of dolphins which swam circles around the swimmers for 40 minutes until the shark lost interest and swam away. The swimmers originally thought the dolphins were just playful, but they quickly realized the dolphins actually saved them from a 3 m (10 ft) great white shark that was trying to get to the group.


Lions saved a girl from kidnappers.

LionsSource: news.bbc.co.uk, image: en.wikipedia.org

In 2005, an incredible incident occurred in Ethiopia after a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by 4 men on her way home from school. A few days later, the group encountered 3 lions who chased off the kidnappers and stayed with the girl without hurting her. When police finally found her, the predators left. Some experts suggested the lions may have spared the girl because her crying may have sounded like the mewing sound from a lion cub.


A dog saved a man from drowning.

Chocolate LabradorSource: independent.co.uk, image: en.wikipedia.org

Chocolate Labrador named Nanook became a hero after he noticed a drowning man at Malaga Port in Spain and pulled his owner to the spot. The man, described as “thin and in his sixties,” was freezing and close to drowning, and he probably would have died if it were not for Nanook. The lab was later praised by the port authorities.


A pig saved a woman from a heart attack.

pot-bellied pigSource: mmn.com, image: pixabay.com

In 1998, Jo Ann Altsman had a heart attack while vacationing in Pennsylvania. Lulu, her daughter’s pot-bellied pig, ran out of the house and laid down in the street to stop traffic. The pig tried relentlessly to get help, returning to the house to check on Jo Ann, only to rush back to the street for help. Finally, a man stopped and followed the pig back to the house, where he found Altsman in pain on the floor and called the ambulance.


A cat saved a man from a house fire.

CatSource: bbc.com, image: pixabay.com

Craig Jeeves was sleeping when his house in Melbourne, Australia caught on fire in 2014. Jeeves would have probably died in the house if it had not been for his tabby cat, Sally, who jumped on his head and started to scream. Jeeves woke up just in time to escape the house that got completely destroyed by the fire. Jeeves and his brave cat, whom he had adopted from a cat house, survived and suffered no injuries.

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