25 Things You Should Know Before Going To Grad School

Posted by , Updated on January 13, 2017


Many students think graduate school is just a bit tougher version of their undergraduate education. Yes, you will still be a student, you will still take classes, and you will still write papers, but there are many big differences between undergraduate and graduate school that you should be aware of. No matter what program you choose, you can expect a huge and challenging commitment with high expectations. Completing a graduate school might be very difficult, and there are things you should know before starting one. If you want to know what you should expect from a grad school, check out these 25 Things You Should Know Before Going To Grad School.


You will read a lot.

student reading

If you thought your undergraduate education required too much reading, be prepared for a way bigger load of books. Students of certain grad school programs might be assigned to read up to 100 books per semester.


You will write a lot.

student writingImage: pixabay.com (public domain)

Any precis, essay, and paper will be expected to be longer and more diligent and professional than those you wrote in your undergraduate program.


You will need more time to prepare for exams.

tired student

Just like the writing assignments, preparation for grad school exams will also be more demanding and time-consuming.


You will encounter fierce competition.

studentsImage: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

In grad schools, the percentage of highly ambitious students who always want to be the best is usually higher than it is in undergraduate schools.


Parties will be a bit different in nature.

student party

You will go to parties where people talk about Aristotle, Marx, theory of relativity and other nerdy topics. This is how you Friday night will look like.

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