25 Things We Can’t Believe Exist

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There is no doubt about the ingenuity of humans. From a once barren space, the world has developed into a complex sphere of elements conceived by ingenious minds and dexterous hands. The current times demonstrate how powerful the human mind is. However, sometimes, this powerful ingenuity can create some pretty interesting (and unbelievable) things like these 25 things we can’t believe exist.

Accessory ala Abu Hamza

Accessory ala Abu Hamzawww.glittersnipe.com

There is a home accessory sold in the United States today that resembles Abu Hamza. This home accessory serves as an organizer, where one can hang things like coats or towels. Abu Hamza is a milk-eyed terrorist that was extradited in the United States recently because of his involvement in several terrorist operations.


Like-A-Hug Facebook Vest

Like-A-Hug Facebook Vestmashable.com

An MIT student named Melissa Kit Chow designed the vest called Like-A-Hug Facebook Vest. This vest literally translates every virtual Facebook ‘like’ into a real hug. This clever (but somewhat scary) device is designed to inflate like a lifejacket when friends “like” a photo, video, or status update on the wearer’s Facebook wall thus giving the wearer a “real” hug.


Tap Water Boutique

Tap Water Boutiquewww.dailymail.co.uk

This Tap Water Boutique houses a $25,000-worth machine that works in filtering the best-rated tap water in the United States. It is currently located in the East Village of New York and sells water for $2.50 per bottle. Molecule is now one of the blockbuster establishments in the village, visited by people who wish to have their water purified.


Moss-Covered Wireless Keyboard

Moss-Covered Wireless Keyboardgrist.org

This wireless keyboard is covered with moss and made of wood. Designed by Robbie Tilton, its hard to believe how this keyboard can operate by mixing organic materials with electronic components.


USB-Powered Dog

USB-Powered Dogwww.trendhunter.com

This clever yet useless invention is a dog that literally “humps” your laptop.


Brainwaves Cat Ears

Brainwaves Cat Earswww.wired.com

Known as Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears, when worn, these movable cat ears respond to the brainwaves of the one wearing it and act much like an extension of the body. When one is focused, they point upwards. When excited, they twitch.


Radio and Toaster in One

Radio and Toaster in Oneinternetua.com

This crazy gadget makes the toasting experience a whole lot of fun. Called “radio and toaster combo”, this invention actually works as a toaster and a radio at the same time. By using this, one can toast his bread while tuning in to the radio station of his choice.


Pizza Scissors Spatula

Pizza Scissorswww.blessthisstuff.com

Tired of using a rolling pizza cutter that barely cuts? Well then try this ingenious invention labeled as the “Pizza Scissors Spatula”. This brilliant kitchen tool merges scissors and a spatula so you can cut and pick up a pizza slice all in one quick motion without burning your hands or having any toppings fall off.


Puppy Tweets

Puppy Tweetswww.huffingtonpost.com

This invention is simply made to entertain dog lovers and can be adorable for those who have dogs yet needless for those who don’t. Dog lovers create a twitter account for their dogs, then hang this device from their collars. Every time the dog barks, it sends tweets to his Twitter feed.


Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser

Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciserwww.ohgizmo.com

As its name suggests, Xtensor gamer hand exerciser can be used as strength training for the hand. It helps especially for those gamers who want to strengthen their hand agility on controllers.


Remote Wrangler

Remote Wranglerwww.hightech-edge.com

This invention involves a man-made facemask that resembles that of a man. Its main purpose is to hold remotes, which commonly get lost. Its inventor believes that the only way to stop losing remote controls is to strap them to your face. That is until you forget to actually put the remote on your face.


Sink Toilet

Sink Toiletwww.yankodesign.com

One would probably never think of integrating a sink with a toilet. However, with the new device introduced by Home Core of Yanko Design, the idea becomes not that far-fetched after all. This environment-friendly product combines a conventional toilet and a sink to conserve water by using the water from the sink to flush the toilet.


“As-Seen-On-TV” Hat

“As-Seen-On-TV” Hatwww.telegraph.co.uk

Like a typical hat, it is worn on the head except that it has a pouch that is especially intended to keep a mobile phone, particularly an iPhone. The very purpose of this hat is to allow for hands-free video watching.


The Mus2

The Mus2www.apartmenttherapy.com

Designed by the makers of Optimus OLED Keyboard, Mus2 is a wireless mouse that resembles the shape of a pointer otherwise known as a cursor. This cordless optical mouse functions exactly the way an ordinary mouse does and it also has two buttons. The only difference is that unlike an ordinary mouse, it does not only control the cursor on the screen but looks like one, too.


Rubik’s Cube MP3 Player

Rubik’s Cube MP3 Playerwww.yankodesign.com

Introduced by a genius named Hee Yong. The idea behind this invention is hinged on solving the puzzle because one can only activate the mp3 player if he solves the puzzle.


Vine Smoothie

Vine Smoothiewww.glittersnipe.com

Vine smoothie is a special beverage introduced by the same country that introduced wooden shoes, tulips, and fine chocolates. A most delicious blend of Dutch Cream, Wine, and natural flavors, this Dutch beverage is exported to the United States.


Bacon Milkshake of Jack in the Box

Bacon Milkshake of Jack in the Boxwww.delish.com

Bacon Milkshake is one of the most absurd creations of Jack in the Box. Recently, the store chain added the new milkshake flavor to its menu not as a dessert but as a beverage. It is considered a ‘secret item’ today because though it is served in all Jack in the Box branches, it is not visible on their menu.


Cindy Ashtray

Cindy Ashtraywww.urbanarches.com

Designed from France, the Cindy Ashtray works pretty much like a typical ashtray except for the segregation part. This invention works in separating the thrown cigarette butts from the cigarette ashes, which are directly sifted downward through a pipe and are brought directly to a plant underneath it.


School of Art, Design, and Media

School of Art, Design, and Mediathreemonthsinsingapore.blogspot.com

The five-story building of the School of Art, Design, and Media of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is considered today as one of the living masterpieces of green architecture. Also called “The Brilliant Building”, it has a unique structure and is widely admired not just because of its innovative design but also because of its eco-friendliness.


Pringles Sweet Holiday Flavors

Pringles Sweet Holiday Bread Flavorswww.foodrepublic.com

Pringles is known for its unique flavors. In Asia, it has introduced flavors such as the “Indonesian Satay”, “Seaweed”, and the “Thai Grilled Chicken”. In the US, Pringles revealed their Pringles Chocolate Peppermint flavor including that of Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon.


Laptop Privacy Sweater

Laptop Privacy Sweaterwww.funwillbe.com

A knitted sweater that goes from the body to a gadget, this laptop privacy sweater is a project intended to show how attached to technology people are these days. It allows people who are engrossed in their laptops to achieve privacy and concentration while working.


Head Halter

Head Halterwww.drsfostersmith.com

This product refers to a special kind of collar especially designed for dogs that love pulling their people when they are out for a walk. A head halter normally involves a strap around the nose of the dog and another strap around his neck. Nevertheless, just recently, a head halter for humans was introduced too.


Hamburger Shoe

Hamburger Shoehemmendorff.com

As the name suggests, a hamburger shoe is a shoe that resembles the most amazing food item on earth, the hamburger, complete with a sesame bun, cheese, tomatoes, ketchup, and triple decker patties. This hamburger shoe was first introduced by Nike and was designed by Hemmendorff.


Two-Person Underwear

Two-Person Underwearwww.bachelorette.com

Two-person underwear is an intimate piece of clothing that is especially designed to be worn by two people at the same time. It is said to be specifically designed for people who want to get intimate with their partners.


Tissue Holder Hat

Tissue Holder Hatwww.aliexpress.com

Like a typical hat, the tissue holder hat is also placed on top of the head and can be used outdoors. This outrageous head wear was created to eliminate the hassle caused by having to pull out a piece of tissue paper from the pocket. Rather, you can now pull a piece of tissue paper from your head.

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