25 Things We Can’t Believe Exist

There is no doubt about the ingenuity of humans. From a once barren space, the world has developed into a complex sphere of elements conceived by ingenious minds and dexterous hands. The current times demonstrate how powerful the human mind is. However, sometimes, this powerful ingenuity can create some pretty interesting (and unbelievable) things like these 25 things we can’t believe exist.

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Accessory ala Abu Hamza

Accessory ala Abu Hamzawww.glittersnipe.com

There is a home accessory sold in the United States today that resembles Abu Hamza. This home accessory serves as an organizer, where one can hang things like coats or towels. Abu Hamza is a milk-eyed terrorist that was extradited in the United States recently because of his involvement in several terrorist operations.


Like-A-Hug Facebook Vest

Like-A-Hug Facebook Vestmashable.com

An MIT student named Melissa Kit Chow designed the vest called Like-A-Hug Facebook Vest. This vest literally translates every virtual Facebook ‘like’ into a real hug. This clever (but somewhat scary) device is designed to inflate like a lifejacket when friends “like” a photo, video, or status update on the wearer’s Facebook wall thus giving the wearer a “real” hug.


Tap Water Boutique

Tap Water Boutiquewww.dailymail.co.uk

This Tap Water Boutique houses a $25,000-worth machine that works in filtering the best-rated tap water in the United States. It is currently located in the East Village of New York and sells water for $2.50 per bottle. Molecule is now one of the blockbuster establishments in the village, visited by people who wish to have their water purified.


Moss-Covered Wireless Keyboard

Moss-Covered Wireless Keyboardgrist.org

This wireless keyboard is covered with moss and made of wood. Designed by Robbie Tilton, its hard to believe how this keyboard can operate by mixing organic materials with electronic components.


USB-Powered Dog

USB-Powered Dogwww.trendhunter.com

This clever yet useless invention is a dog that literally “humps” your laptop.

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