25 Things They Never Taught You In School

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It’s time to face the facts – from all the stuff we are taught in school, little is used later on in life. The society, our lifestyle, technologies and many other things closely related to our everyday lives have been changing rapidly in recent decades but the school curriculum hardly ever reflects all the changes. Consequently, we end up with the long-desired degree but often lack practical knowledge that might help us better understand the world. In this post, we will go over 25 things they never taught you in school.


How to whistle with your fingers.

finger whistlingyoutube.com

This may seem somewhat trivial, but in case of a disaster or an emergency, being heard might be the key to your survival. So put your thumb and your index finger in your mouth and start practicing until you can make a really loud whistle.


How to cook an edible meal without hurting yourself or setting your house on fire.


These days, eating out at restaurants is getting considerably expensive and cooking at home can save you a lot of money. Start your gastronomic career by learning how to prepare a few basic simple dishes such as pasta or roasted chicken. Just, don’t leave the stove and oven unattended.


How to know your drinking limits without having to vomit.

drunk peoplewelcome-to-the-birdcage.blogspot.com

Throwing up at a party is not cool (actually, throwing up period is not cool). In many countries, it’s considered a sign of the inexperience of the drinker. To avoid this social faux pas, dilute alcohol with water and try to stick to just one type of alcohol throughout the night. Once you start feeling dizzy, switch to water completely.


How to cure a hangover.


If you failed to ascertain your drinking limit, then you might be in need of a hangover remedy. There are hundreds of hangover remedies used in the world and it’s impossible to say which one is the best. To find the right one for you, try a few of them and see which one works best for you. Start with a strong chicken stock or garlic soup.


How to get rid of hiccups.


There are dozens of “guaranteed” remedies for hiccups (none of which involve chicken stock or garlic soup). Nevertheless, studies suggest that increasing the level of CO2 in your bloodstream is the key. Therefore, breathing into a plastic bag for about 30 seconds is an almost sure way of annihilating those annoying hiccups.


How to change a flat tire.

tire changingwww.ebay.co.uk

What may look like a nightmare for many inexperienced drivers actually is not difficult at all. Just park your car at a safe place, lift it with a jack (but make sure not to lift it all the way, otherwise, the tire will spin as you try to remove the bolts), remove the flat tire´s hub cap and the nuts, lift the car a little more so that the tire is completely off the ground, take out the old tire and replace it with the new one, tighten the nuts and lower your car to the ground (but not all the way), finish tightening the nuts making sure they are secure, and finish lowering the car.


How to remove red wine stains from white clothes.

wed wine stainwww.redwinestainremovers.com

Red and white might be a nice color combination but not when it comes to wine on your favorite white top. Cover the fabric with a thick layer of table salt. The salt will absorb the wine and can be brushed off in about an hour.


How to negotiate

ticket inspectorwww.tyden.cz

Negotiation is a vital skill in life and sadly is a skill seldom taught in school. Strong negotiating skills can be the difference between paying too much for a car or enjoying an affordable price. It can also be the catalyst to better grades, forgiveness from law enforcement (i.e. getting out of tickets), opportunities in business, and even a higher paying job!


How to have an effective and proper handshake.


It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person from their handshake. When giving a handshake, remember to press the hand firmly (but not too hard. Remember, you’re not trying to crush his or her bones). Also remember to look in the person´s eyes (not the hand) during the shake.


How to network


Life is not about being a “lone ranger”. You need people and people need you. Sadly, the act of connecting with people is an art that most educational institutions fail to impart on its students. Networking is essential for just about everything, from a mere social event to landing that prestigious and lucrative career opportunity. Skills are good to have, but it really is about who you know…it most definitely is.


How to make a good impression at an interview.

job interviewwww.worldcertification.org

It should go without saying that the impression you make at a job interview can influence your future career and, consequently, even your life. There are several things you should do before and during the interview such as having a general knowledge of the company you want to work for, smiling, talking in a calm and confident way, and proper hygiene and attire.


How to do your taxes.


No matter what country you live in or what kind of business you have, filling out your taxes is one of the least popular business-related activity. This is one of the few cases where it actually pays off to hire a professional to do them for you.


How to keep a balanced budget.


Paying with a credit card is easier and less painful than giving away your cash but this can easily get you in financial trouble because you don’t necessarily see the transaction. This is why keeping a budget is so important. A budget enables you to see where your money is being spent. It also gives you an effective tool by which you can make sound financial decisions.


How to save

piggy bank

The importance of having a savings account and the knowledge of how to use it cannot be emphasized enough. We live in a society that is too comfortable with instant gratification and is seemingly unversed in the discipline of savings. Sadly, our education system is not doing much to change the status quo.


How to leave an appropriate tip at a restaurant.


There are never ending debates about how much money you should leave as a tip but the generally accepted amount is about 15% of the total price with 20% for good service.


Time management


Time management, another crucial skill that is seldom taught in our schools(at least not out right). Sure, you can argue that the work/study load forces students to become good at time management, but given some of the habits common with college and even some high school students (i.e. pulling all nighters) the evidence is lacking. Nevertheless, proper time management is crucial not only in school, but also in life, as the demands of a career, family, and social sphere can be overwhelming.


How to handle a first date.

first datewww.ayi.com

Even for people who have already dated someone, the first date with a new partner can be a very stressful event. Calming down and acting like you do normally, without trying to look like someone you are not, are among the things that will help you handle this important step in your possible future relationship.


How to break up with someone.

break uphealthyyouhealthylove.com

So that first date turns into a relationship and now the relationship is about to come to an end. True, its sad and no one goes into a relationship expecting it to end. But the sad fact of the matter is that relationships do end and no one (definitely not school) has prepared us for this emotional tolling event. Though breaking up can be quite involved and complex, here are some quick suggestions. 1. Be honest. 2. Do the break up in person (not over the phone, or over Facebook), 3. Don’t make a villain out of your soon to be ex, just because your relationship did not work, does not make the other individual evil (unless of course they are indeed evil).


How to handle the fact that someone has just broken up with you.

break upwww.joshteis.com

It’s one thing to initiate the break up, but it’s a completely different matter to be the recipient of this life changing event. As with breaking up with someone, this is a complex event that involves a wide gamut of emotions. But you can do yourself a favor by giving yourself time, hanging out with friends, and crying…yes crying (you will feel better afterwards).


How to travel at minimum cost.


You know what else can help you deal with a breakup? Traveling. Many people still consider traveling an expensive hobby but in fact it can be surprisingly cheap. Special offers on charter flights and guesthouses where you can rent a room for a few dollars per night allow you to see foreign countries without ruining your budget.


How to protect yourself.

self protectionwww.tosevyplati.cz

Self-defense is a crucial thing to master. When going out, especially at night, always have something like pepper spray with you and know how to use it. Don’t rely on others to help you, people often pretend not to see or hear anything when somebody is being attacked.


How to tie a tie.


Being able to tie a tie is a must for every gentleman. If you are not familiar with the knots, choose the easiest type and try to tie it a few times. It usually doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to master the technique and if you use it on a regular basis, you will remember it for the rest of your life.


How to survive in a natural disaster

disaster survivalwww.jakewallissimons.com

Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes but there are a few general tips that can significantly improve your chances of surviving. These include thinking rationally under stress, knowing what the emergency kit should contain, being familiar with evacuation routes, etc.


How to make fire without a lighter or matches.

fire makingnaturlife.wordpress.com

You’ve probably heard that you can make fire by using a magnifier but in fact, any concave glass object (such as eyeglasses or even polished transparent ice ball) can do the trick. And don’t forget you can also rub sticks together to create a fire using friction.


How to manage stress


These days, stress management is one the most important things for both students as well as working people. The solution sounds simple – never postpone your duties to the very last moment, try to have things done before the deadlines and prioritize (be able to recognize the importance level of your tasks).

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