25 Things That Have Been Completely Ruined Beyond Repair

Posted by , Updated on November 23, 2023

You may be one of those lucky people that would claim to live in a country with free speech, and that may be true, but there are still lots of things that you can’t just go around blurting out, even in places like the United States. And even though you very well may live in a free country there are probably lots of things you can’t do.

You can’t yell fire in a building when it’s not burning, that is typically punishable. You can’t punch your boss in the face. That is also punishable. Although if you live in the western world, you probably have more freedom and more rights than most other countries or cultures (even historical ones), these are things worth considering.

There are some things, however, that was perfectly fine to do up until a certain point. And that point was always somebody coming along and ruining that perfectly ok thing. What you will notice is that one political party was responsible for many of these, namely the Nazis.

Whether it was swastikas (which are a symbol of peace and luck in India even to this day) or Roman salutes (which were even used by the Boys Scouts before World War II), there is no end to the things that were perfectly usable until somebody came along and corrupted them. These are 25 things that have been completely ruined beyond repair.

Featured Image: Abd allah Foteih via Flickr



Toothbrush Mustaches

Toothbrush MustachesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: As you can probably guess, Hitler and his henchman will most likely be responsible for a significant portion of this list.


Listening to Isis (the rock band)

Listening to Isis (the rock band)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: All you have to do is watch the news. Seriously, you can’t even listen to those songs anymore. Can you imagine explaining your choice of music in public? “What are you listening to Billy?” “Oh, nothing, just some Isis. It’s great!”.



SwastikasSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: For thousands of years it was considered a symbol of peace and good luck on the Indian subcontinent and then Hitler came along. In fact, at Hindu weddings it’s not weird to hang swastikas everywhere for good luck. Now just try to imagine a Hindu/Jewish wedding (they happen). We told you Hitler would be back on this list.


Ghost costumes

Ghost costumesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: We’ve got three letters for you – KKK. If you’re white sheet accidentally come to point over your head you might regret your choice of costume later.


The name Adolf

The phrase "you only live once"Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Yes, we’re back to the Nazis and their ruinous legacy. Adolf used to be a perfectly common name. Of course it’s not even legal in some place these days and so many people even had to change their names.


The phrase "you only live once"

The phrase "you only live once"Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because ever since super cool teenagers abbreviated it and started “yolo-ing” everything…it’s not cool anymore. It just isn’t.


Listening to Lostprophets (the band)

Listening to Lostprophets (the band)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Lead singer Ian Watkins was convicted for raping babies and sentenced to 29 years in prison.



ClownsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Thanks to John Wayne Gacy and Pennywise, clown costumes have joined ghosts in the world of taboo. Or at the very least you’ll need skill to pull it off.


Dads being able to take their kids to the playground

Dads being able to take their kids to the playgroundSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because that’s what pedophiles do. It’s your kid? That’s not what all those moms on the other bench think. Media takes the blame for this one considering that most child abuse is done by close relatives.


Roman salutes

Roman salutesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because of Hitler…again. Seriously, this use to even be the Boy Scout salute for a while.


Driving white vans

Driving white vansSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because just like taking your kid to the playground, you’ll probably have people thinking you’re a child molester.


Trench coats

Trench coatsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because for some reason school shooters and flashers all gravitated to this once respectable piece of clothing. And oh yea, don’t forget the Nazis.



CrossfitSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because everyone assumes you’re in some kind of cult thanks to the maniacs who won’t ever stop talking about Crossfit.


Being a vegetarian

Being a vegetarianSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: For the same reason as Crossfit. As they say, how do you know when someone is vegetarian? They’ll tell you! And then they’ll ruin it for the rest.


Fanny packs

Fanny packsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: These things could legitimately have been useful but these days you might as well go running down the street yelling “I’m a naive and stereotypical American tourist!”


The word "niggardly"

The word "niggardly"Source: reddit

Why: Although it has absolutely nothing to do with race or skin color (it means meagre and has been around since Old English) given US history and the term’s similarity to other terms, there is no wise way to use this word anymore.


The name Nimrod

The name NimrodSource: reddit

Why: Thanks to Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd “Nimrod”, the name of this mighty biblical hunter just kind of fell out of favor.


Skinhead style

Skinhead styleSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Why: What used to be a popular style in England during the 60s was basically taken over by none other than the neo-Nazis. Seriously, they will never stop.


Moderate and reasonable socialism being implemented in the US

Moderate and reasonable socialism being implemented in the USSource: reddit

Why: Because communism/Russia/Cold War/McCarthyism all completely ruined any hope of that.


Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoosSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because now if you are legitimately from a tribe and you are legitimately trying to show “tribe pride”, people will think you are in Crossfit (see #12 to understand why that is bad)


The name Benedict (in the US)

The name Benedict (in the US)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Benedict Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War that betrayed the colonies and changed sides. It’s not too often that you run across Benedicts in the US unless you’re eating breakfast.


The upside down cross

The upside down crossSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: It was originally a Christian symbol of humility when St Peter asked to be crucified upside down because he felt as though he was not worthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus. It was even called the Petrine cross. Today, however, it’s become associated with satanism.


Comb overs

Comb oversSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Donald Trump


Shouting speeches in German

Shouting speeches in GermanSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: You already know.


Single colored bandanas

Single colored bandanasSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why: Because you never know what gang you’re going to be associated with.