25 Things That Are Cool To Be Good At But Not So Cool To Be Really Good At

There are certain things that are cool to be good at but not so cool to be really good at and we have them on today’s list. Now before we continue, keep in mind that this list is meant to be light reading. We are not implying that if you are really, really good at magic tricks that you are not cool. That probably depends on a gazillion other factors. This list is only a collection of things that funny people have noted may cause you to lose some cool points if you get too good at them. But, of course, that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. If you are set on being the nose whistling champion of your neighborhood…go for it. By all means. Don’t listen to the haters.

If your activity is on this list though, then you are probably aware of the possibility for an uncool status. In fact, if you are a professional yo-yo person (yo-yoer…thanks Urban Dictionary), then you are undoubtedly already fully knowledgeable of just how uncool some people think your hobby is, especially after getting beat up and having your yo-yo stolen. But this list isn’t just fun and games. There are some serious hobbies and personality traits on here that can land you in trouble if you get too good at them. Just ask your school debate champions. You don’t know them? Yea, that’s what we thought. They probably don’t have many friends. Okay, we’re joking. Just have fun reading the list and get back to work before you get fired. These are 25 things that are cool to be good at but not so cool to be really good at.

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Remembering people's personal information

Remembering people's personal informationSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This can be useful, but if you’re too good at it things can get awkward.


Cornhole (bean bag toss)

Cornhole (bean bag toss)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is cool to sort of play on weekends before football games, but if you’re joining leagues and whatnot, well that’s slightly less cool.


Games on your phone

Games on your phoneSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Beating Angry Birds is something to talk about, but if all do you is beat Angry Birds, you need to reassess your priorities.


Moving quietly

Moving quietlySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Not making noise in the office/library/elsewhere can be nice, but if you’re always sneaking up on people, that might freak them out a bit.


Mario Kart

Mario KartSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

It’s nice to be good at it and have fun during family get togethers, but if you’re too good, those get togethers can turn sour real quick.

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