25 Thanksgiving Recipes You Will Be Grateful For

Posted by , Updated on October 31, 2016

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just 3 short weeks away. We have arrived at the time of year when our calendars get messy and life just seems to speed up at a seemingly impossible rate. We’ve given you recipes for Halloween (25 Spooky Halloween Recipes That Will Delight Your Tummy), and you can bet we will have the winter holiday season covered, too. While this is obviously a lot of food already, we couldn’t leave out the feast of Thanksgiving. We’ll leave the turkey and ham up to you and focus mainly on the good stuff…the sides and desserts. Here are 25 Thanksgiving Recipes You Will Be Grateful For.


Creamy Green Bean Casserole From Scratch

from-scratch-casseroleSource & Image: sallysbakingaddiction.com

I don’t know about you, but green bean casserole is one of my favorite side dishes to grace the Thanksgiving table. Usually made from canned soups and green beans, it’s a warm and comforting dish to help you fall asleep faster after dinner. Pure comfort food! All that said, this green bean casserole recipe will amp up your kitchen skills and will be sure to be an even bigger hit as it’s made from scratch. You might never make the casserole from cans again!


Bourbon Maple Glazed Carrots

bourboncarrots2Source & Image: www.cookingandbeer.com

The holidays are a time to let loose a little. God bless those kitchen artisans that add a little kick in one fashion or another to traditional (and sometimes quite boring) side dishes. These carrots have a mixture of amazing flavors that include dill, maple syrup, and bourbon. This dish is also simple to make; the most challenging part is not drinking the bourbon before you get a chance to cook with it.


Whipped Pumpkin Honey Butter

whipped-pumpkin-honey-butter-2-1Source & Image: www.somewhatsimple.com

Admittedly, this is more of a spread than a stand-alone food item, but if you have any rolls or bread hanging out on your table (…and why wouldn’t you? Thanksgiving is no time for a no/low-carb diet!), this spread will make all of them disappear. The picture and the title alone are drool-worthy. Actually, you might want to buy extra rolls this year when doing your dinner shopping.


Five-Star Apple Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing

5-star-sausage-apple-cranberry-stuffing-2Source & Image: wickedgoodkitchen.com

Looking for a new take on your old stuffing recipe? You might want to give this recipe a go. The great thing about this blog is that she also gives pork and gluten-free alternatives, as well as tips from experience that will help you make this stuffing perfectly.


Easy Cheesy Pull Apart Rolls

easy-cheesy-pull-apart-rollsSource & Image: www.familyfreshmeals.com

These Easy Cheese Pull Apart Rolls are exactly what they claim to be by being both easy and cheesy. They also include fresh parsley and will be a big hit at your dinner table.


Best Ever Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet-pot-casseroleSource & Image: /www.chef-in-training.com

For something so delectable, this sweet potato casserole recipe is actually pretty simple to make. Boil, mash, mix, and bake. You might want to make extra as a dessert for those who don’t like pumpkin pie.


Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic & Thyme

roasted-mushrooms-with-garlic-and-thymeSource & Image: cakescottage.com

Are you looking for a side dish that’s amazing while being a little non-traditional? Look no further; this recipe right here meets both of those qualifications. They are also pretty simple to make!


Sweet Corn Spoonbread

sweet-corn-spoonbreadSource & Image: southernbite.com

No Thanksgiving table would be complete without some type of cornbread. This recipe is like traditional cornbread, but much more moist and with (as the title implies) a sweet taste to it. After you make this once, you won’t be using the traditional box recipe ever again.


THE Mac and Cheese

the-mac-n-cheeseSource & Image: www.thatwhichnourishes.com

Mac and Cheese is one of those simple-to-make comfort foods any time of the year. This recipe claims to be THE Mac and Cheese, and after looking at the pictures and reading the comments, this is one recipe that needs to make the final cut to the shopping list. The bloggers even give a tip on how to recook it the next day that might make you want to stow away extra in case there are no leftovers.


Squash Toasts

squash-toastSource & Image: www.womansday.com

What would fall be like without a squash recipe or two? These toasts offer a non-traditional take on a fall staple. Butternut squash and maple syrup balance nicely with red pepper and mascarpone cheese.


Easy Cranberry Sauce

cranberry-sauceSource & Image: community.qvc.com

Some things are best when they are simple; if you are looking for a classic, delicious, and simple cranberry sauce, this is a great recipe that will make a great addition to your table.


If cranberry sauce isn’t really your favorite, check out number 4 for a new way to enjoy cranberries this Thanksgiving!


Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Spread

caramel-apple-spreadSource & Image: shewearsmanyhats.com

Super easy and super delicious, this recipe pairs cream cheese and caramel and is a great appetizer to whet any appetite before the main course.


Cranberry Apple Pecan Wild Rice Pilaf

cranberry-rice-pilafSource & Image: www.carlsbadcravings.com

Rice pilaf can be a great side dish, and this version gives it a Thanksgiving spin with cranberries and apples. With no shortage of delicious seasonings, it also has a great sweet and savory balance.


Green Bean Bundles with Bacon and Brown Sugar

green-bean-bundlesSource & Image: www.williams-sonoma.com

If you’re looking for a way to balance bad behavior with good, try these out. Green beans are nutritious and an easy veggie for this time of year. It’s also hard to go wrong with bacon and brown sugar.


Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

curried-pumpkin-coconut-soup-recipe-1Source & Image: www.everydayeasyeats.com

Soup isn’t normally something you’d typically think of for the Thanksgiving table. However, this is a great recipe for a light meal before the big dinner while keeping all the creamy pumpkin goodness of the season.


Cauliflower "Biscuits"

cauliflower-biscuits-recipeSource & Image: ifoodreal.com

For those of you who are still wanting to eat cleanly on this holiday, this recipe uses cauliflower, egg whites, seasonings, and cheese to create delicious and nutritious “biscuits.” Even if you stick to being healthy, you shouldn’t need to suffer with bad-tasting food.


Wild Rice, Roasted Butternut Squash, and Kale with Citrus Curry Dressing

wild-rice-kale-squashSource & Image: relishingit.com

Citrus curry dressing sets off the natural flavors of the squash and kale, while the wild rice gives a nice texture. This fantastic and beautiful dish also falls under the clean eating category.


Slow Cooker Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

slow_cooker_mashed_potatoes11cropSource & Image: www.cookingclassy.com

Creating a nice spread for the Thanksgiving table is no small task. This recipe promises to be delicious while easing some of your burden by use of a slow cooker. The directions are quite simple, and there are step-by-step pictures as well.


Turkey, Cranberry, & Brie Egg Rolls

turkey-cranberry-and-brie-egg-rolls1Source & Image: reciperunner.com

Here is truly a unique take on how to use classic Thanksgiving staples. Be careful who you serve these to, or you’ll be making these for Thanksgiving dinner every year. (Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.)


Fully Loaded Sweet Potatoes

loaded-sweet-potatoes-4-smSource & Image: www.thenovicechefblog.com

Sweet potato casserole is a favorite for many. Why not take the casserole and make individual sized portions, right in the sweet potato itself? Creative, sweet, and sure to please, these sweet potatoes are a perfect compliment to your meal.


Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake

salted-caramel-pumpkin-cheesecakesource & Image: chocolatewithgrace.com

Fall is the season of everything pumpkin, and this recipe is a great nod to that tradition. If you’re sick of classic pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cheesecake is the way to go.


Cranberry Apple Upside Down Cake

cranberry-apple-cakeSource & Image: sallysbakingaddiction.com

If cranberry sauce doesn’t do it for you, you might still love this cake which combines cranberries with apples and classic cake spices and seasonings.


Pumpkin Pie Dip

pumpkin-pie-dipSource & Image: http://albertsons.mywebgrocer.com/

This pumpkin pie dip is the perfect seasonal recipe for the appetizer table. It calls for only 4 ingredients, 2 of which you’ll only find this time of year, so just like your favorite pumpkin ale, grab a bit extra in case you get hooked.


Honeyed Figs in Pastry

fig-puffsSource & Image: publix.com

Figs are an underrated fruit. They are tasty and full of fiber and other good nutrition. Make used of this oft-forgotten fruit, and grace your table with these yummy filled pastry puffs. They are prefect as an appetizer or dessert.


Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin-pieSource & Image: http://www.gretchensbakery.com/

There are a few things that come to mind when one hears, “Thanksgiving,” turkey, stuffing, family, football…PUMPKIN PIE. We understand that it’s not everyone’s favorite, but we couldn’t leave without a pumpkin pie recipe. This version comes with an instructional video and the option to include brandy and heavy whipping cream. This is one dessert for which you’ll be sure to give thanks.

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