25 Terrifying Plants That Are Actually Quite Commonplace

Terrifying plants? How are they even mildly scary? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s a crazy hypothesis. Plants just sit there and wave around in the wind. They have leaves, maybe even flowers. That’s the opposite of scary! Yes, it’s true, plants should not be scared by a means. They should be the things you look at to calm down, let your fears fade away, and lose all of that anxiety. Until they eat a goat that is!

That’s right, we said, “Until they eat a goat.” There is a plant on this list called the Puya chilensis, and its nickname is the “sheep-eating plant.” Why? Because it eats sheep, that’s why. Okay, you might have an image in your head now of something quite unrealistic.

When we say that it eats sheep, what we mean is that sheep get tangled up in its spines, starve, and then their bodies provide the plants with nutrients. Nature can be quite grim, no? Well, that’s not even the worst plant on our list. If you get queasy around botanical monsters, don’t read on because these are 25 Terrifying Plants That Are Actually Quite Commonplace!

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Teddy bear cactus

Teddy bear cactusImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Don’t be deceived, that fuzzy look is only due to the high density of sharp spines covering its stem. The spines are extremely painful and very hard to remove from the skin.


Jimson weed

Jimson weedImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

This plant is part of the nightshade family and is a powerful deliriant, meaning that it can cause extremely realistic and terrifying hallucinations if ingested.


Destroying angel

Destroying angelSource: wikipedia

Although not technically plants, these mushrooms are some of the most toxic on Earth and are responsible for most cases of mushroom poisoning.


American pokeweed

American pokeweedImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Small doses will cause you to puke uncontrollably. Large doses will paralyze your respiratory organs and kill you.


Sheep-eating plant

Sheep-eating plantImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Officially called the Puya chilensis, this plant is native to Chile and apparently can cause medium sized animals like sheep to get tangled in its spines. The animal will often starve to death and provide the plant with nutrients.

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