25 Terrifying Kids You Wouldn’t Want To Babysit

The “killer child” film is a sub-genre of horror flicks that seems to gain more and more fans with time. According to psychologists and film critics, this phenomenon is mainly contributed to how we perceive children (as innocent, good, and pure, hence harmless) and the shock we experience as an audience when we watch a child embrace evil and commit violent, destructive acts. On this list we are collecting 25 terrifying kids you wouldn’t want to babysit. These kids are anything but soft, sweet, or harmless and shocked us with their gruesome crimes and repulsive behavior.

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Emily Callaway from Hide and Seek


If you’ve seen this film then you know that Emily Callaway is not really evil but just had the bad luck to have a totally insane father with a split personality. However, the fact is that this girl is way too creepy and with her messed-up genes, especially if she inherited her father’s mental illness, then you’re in big trouble if she knocks on your door begging for a babysit.


Eli from Let the Right One In


First, let’s make it clear that Eli is nowhere near as evil as some other kids on this list, but regardless of her not so bad intentions she is still one eccentric, frightening little girl. Her favorite habits include sucking human blood among other “pleasant” games she likes to play.


Carol Anne from Poltergeist


This sweet-looking girl is way too wise for her age and has some really scary habits. For example, she often knows what is happening before anyone else around her does; yep, she can predict the future, especially the macabre things that are going to happen.

At the age of five, she began corresponding with a host of ghosts through the snowy static of the television set without even knowing it. Odds are I don’t think she’d be good company, especially during the night.


Sean from Birth


So one day at a family birthday party, a ten-year-old, creepy-looking boy wanders into the house, and no one knows who he is. He says his name is Sean. He’s very mysterious and  doesn’t say much, which gives him the necessary supernatural aura to convince the unhappy widow Anna that he is who he says he is—her dead husband reborn.


Aidan Keller from The Ring II


If you’ve watched the first movie then you are familiar with Rachel but in the sequel it’s time to meet her eerie son, Aidan Keller. This boy has a psychic link with Samara or to be more precise, he’s possessed by Samara. It wouldn’t be much of an overstatement to say that this boy made the word “mommy” sound as scary as anything and, as a matter of fact, at the end even Rachel begs him to call her by her name, probably because she was too disturbed by hearing Samara call her mommy through him.

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