25 Super Shady Things Companies Are Doing To Rip You Off

Whether you live in Sweden, Germany, the United States, or Russia, there is one thing that you can be sure of – you will be ripped off. Human nature all but requires it. Keep in mind, however, these are not scams. In fact, many of them are legal. The key difference though, is that they are not ethical. These are 25 Super Shady Things Companies Are Doing To Rip You Off.

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Multi level marketing

pyramidsSource: thebalance.com

From Amway to Herbalife, these companies rip off the most vulnerable members of society. Generally, you are asked to pay some sort of fee for training, materials, etc. They claim that you will quickly get your money back, but guess what? You won’t (unless you rip off your friends and family). Here’s a quick litmus test for you – if a company has to tell you that they are not a pyramid scheme…they are a pyramid scheme.


Bank of America

money signSource: consumeraffairs.com

Although most big banks rip off their customers in one form or another, Bank of America is notorious for “misplacing” important paperwork on home loans and then trying to foreclose. It even had to pay $17 billion because of mortgage fraud recently.

Note: the other banks aren’t any better, hence the 2008 financial crisis.


Geek Squad at Best Buy

computer keyboardSource: gizmodo.com

This goes for any computer repair shop. Most of these places take advantage of computer illiterate baby boomers by charging them hundreds of dollars for a “computer cleaning.” If a computer repair costs more than the price of the hardware plus a couple dollars to cover several minutes of labor…you’re being ripped off. Besides, these days you can buy a new computer for cheaper anyway.

Pro tip: anything with the word “optimization” in it is most likely a huge rip off.


Extended warranties

breach of warrantySource: news.com.au

Almost every company provides optional warranties and almost every company is ripping you off for it. Warranties are a huge money maker for businesses because most people never need or use them, and even if they do, the company quite often rejects the warranty anyway. The only legitimate warranties are lifetime warranties that you didn’t need to pay for. Anything apart from that is a legal scam.


Car rental companies

steering wheelSource: theguardian.com

This goes for Hertz, Enterprise, etc. Watch out for the fees. Typically you’ll find yourself being charged for things like smoking in the car when you’ve never smoked a cigarette in your life. Never mind the reservation fees, pick up fees, drop off fees, insurance fees, etc.


If you think this is a surprising ripoff, wait until you see number 1!

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