25 Super Cool Facts About Jupiter

Are you a space lover? Even if you’re not, there are some things out there in the universe that are sure to capture your interest. One of those things is Jupiter. Did you know that Jupiter almost became a star like our sun? That’s right, we would have had two stars in our Solar System. These are 25 Super Cool Facts About Jupiter!

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Jupiter is the fourth brightest object in the Solar System when viewed from Earth. (The Sun, Moon, and Venus are brighter.)

night skySource: nasa.gov

The ancient Babylonians were the first to record Jupiter around the 8th century BC. That's almost 3,000 years ago!

babylonSource: nasa.gov

Although Jupiter is named after the King of the Roman gods, the Greeks knew it as Zeus, the god of thunder. Germanic tribes saw the planet as Thor.

lightningSource: nasa.gov

Jupiter revolves on its axis every 9 hours and 55 minutes. This gives it the shortest day out of all the planets!

jupiterSource: nasa.gov

Jupiter has a slightly flattened shape due to its extremely rapid spin.

jupiterSource: nasa.gov

Featured Image: pixabay (public domain), 25. Mike Lewinski from Embudo, NM, United States, Jupiter and the Pleiades – 20 Sept. 2012CC BY 2.0, 24-22. pixabay (public domain), 21. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute, 20-17. pixabay (public domain), 16. KelvinsongJupiter diagramCC BY-SA 3.0, 15-1. pixabay (public domain),

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