25 Stunning Supermoon Photos Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

August 10 was a supermoon Sunday. Officially called “perigean full moon”, this natural phenomenom occurs when a full moon closely coincides with perigee – the moon’s closest point to the Earth in its orbit. The supermoon from August 10 was the largest supermoon of the year (the moon was just 221,765 miles away from Earth). Check out these 25 awesome photos taken during the supermoon night.

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Brisbane, Australia

spaceweather.com supermoon_stripspaceweather.com

Athens, Greece

www.mysanantonio.com 622x350www.mysanantonio.com

Mdina, Malta

25 Stunning Supermoon Photos Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Beforewww.theguardian.com

London, England

metro.co.uk ad142747463a-supermoon-risemetro.co.uk

Zlin, Czech Republic

www.novinky.cz zlin 445765-original1-hjkdrwww.novinky.cz

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