25 Strangest Deep Sea Creatures Discovered

You will not believe some of the strangest deep sea creatures that exist. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes but they are all bizarre. It’s like they are alien beings that somehow ended up on Earth! Have you seen these deep sea creatures before? Check out the 25 Strangest Deep Sea Creatures Discovered.

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Sixgill Shark


One of the more interesting deep water sharks, the Sixgill Shark is unique for its six gills, because unlike other sharks that have 5 gills, this shark has 6! They also have the widest distribution when it comes to sharks, but no worries, this shark is rarely a threat to humans.


Atlantic Wolffish


This fish got its name from its immediate appearance; it has two large teeth that stick out and resemble wolf teeth. Luckily, these fish are harmless to humans; they live in the Atlantic ocean.


Terrible-Claw Lobster

terrible clawhttp://www.realmonstrosities.com

The Terrible-Claw Lobster was discovered in 2007. The claws are noticeably different from most lobster claws thus their name. Today, researchers and scientists are still unsure about the function of the claws.


Giant Isopod

giant isopodhttp://www.aquariumofpacific.org

The Giant Isopod is closely related to shrimps, crabs, and roly-polys. This isopod became so large because of deep sea gigantism, which is when deep sea creatures grow to become larger than their shallow water relatives.


Stargazer Fish


This fish uses camouflage to blend in with the sand, leaving only its eyes on the outside. Once it senses its prey nearby, it sends an electric shock to stun and capture the prey. This fish can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

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