25 Strangest Deep Sea Creatures Discovered

You will not believe some of the strangest deep sea creatures that exist. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes but they are all bizarre. It’s like they are alien beings that somehow ended up on Earth! Have you seen these deep sea creatures before? Check out the 25 Strangest Deep Sea Creatures Discovered.

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Marrus Orthocanna


This one animal is actually a colony of multiple polyps and medusas. When attached to one another, the orange gas that goes through them resembles a breath of fire.


Mantis Shrimp

mantis shrimphttps://aqua.org

This strange and colorful shrimp is actually pretty unique! Mantis shrimp have 16 color receptors in their eyes; humans only have 3, meaning they have extremely strong color vision!


Basket Star


A strange looking type of sea star, the basket star is characterized by having 5 central arms that branch further and further forming a mesh like basket. They unfurl their arms to catch their prey.



water bearhttp://www.livescience.com

Also known as water bears, these microscopic creatures have long plump bodies with scrunched up heads. They are practically indestructible and have even been said to survive in outer space!


Giant Tube Worms

tube wormshttp://www.seasky.org

This strange creature was completely unknown to the world until scientists that were studying hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean found them living nearby. Unlike other living things, they do not need light to survive; they’ve adapted to the darkness and get their nutrition from bacteria.

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