25 Strange Travel Tips From The Chinese Government

Posted by , Updated on November 13, 2018


If you’ve traveled abroad, you’ve likely read your fair share of travel tips. Few people want to be a bad tourist, and depending on where you go, your actions might rub other people the wrong way. Well, recently, the China National Tourism Administration released a 64 page illustrated manual titled “Guidelines For Civilized Travel Abroad,” and they’re pretty weird. Supposedly, Chinese tourists have garnered a bad reputation as tourists, and their government wants to fix that. Of course, in so doing, they’ve created these 25 Strange Travel Tips From The Chinese Government.


Don't pick your nose in public.

picking nose in public

Don't steal life vests off of airplanes to give as gifts.

life vest

When using the bathroom, remember to flush.

public toilet

Don't leave footprints on the toilet.


Or linger in the stalls.


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