25 Strange Desserts You Might Actually Want After Dinner

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Everyone loves desserts right? Can you imagine a dinner without that enticing, sinfully delicious, extravagantly sweetened, mouth watering delight of a dessert? I know I can’t! But what would you do with a dessert made out of Bacon or worse; crickets! Kind of appalling if you ask me. Nevertheless after reading about these desserts you might surprise yourself with a weird desire to at least give them a bite. From bacon doughnuts to meat cakes (yes, cakes that are actually made out of meat), these are 25 Strange Desserts You Might Actually Want After Dinner.


Aletria Doce (Portugal)

Aletria Doce (Portugal)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It’s basically rice pudding except with noodles!


Ohagi (Japan)

Ohagi (Japan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

This dessert is pretty much a bunch of beans and rice smashed together into balls


Sankaya (Thailand)

Sankaya (Thailand)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Essentially pumpkin custard, this could best be described as an inside-out pumpkin pie


Golden Opulence Sundae (USA)

Golden Opulence Sundae (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Costing over $1000 this sundae won the prize for most expensive dessert in the world recently


Picarones (Peru)

Picarones (Peru)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

These fried sweet potatoes and squash are popular in Peru and surrounding nations


Avocado Icecream (Brazil)

Avocado Icecream (Brazil)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Hey, it’s tropical


Ais Kacang (Singapore)

Ais Kacang (Singapore)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It’s basically ice cream mixed with red beans and topped with sweet corn, lychee fruit, and green grass jelly


Green Dysntary (Taiwan)

Green Dysntary (Taiwan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It’s just ice cream topped with kiwi sauce but it’s the way it’s served that could be hard to stomach


Yokan (Japan)

Yokan (Japan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Red bean paste, agar, and sugar combine to form this delicious Japanese dessert.


Sultan’s Cake (Turkey)

Sultan’s Cake (Turkey)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Filled with the rarest ingredients, this cake looks more like a bar of gold than anything else.


Almond Tofu (China)

Almond Tofu (China)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Tofu isn’t always savory


Meatcake (USA)

Meatcake (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Don’t be fooled, this is not sweet in the slightest. The inside is meat and the glaze is mashed potatoes.


Jalebi (Middle East & India)

Jalebi (Middle East & India)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Although it looks wormy, if you have a sweet tooth then this dish is your best friend.


Bacon Doughnut (USA)

Bacon Doughnut (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

They say everything tastes better with bacon


Mishti Doi (India)

Mishti Doi (India)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Commonly known as sweet yogurt, you’ll typically find this dessert served in an earthenware pot.


Bread and Butter Pudding (UK)

Bread and Butter Pudding (UK)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Rumored to have started when British housewives refused to let stale bread go to waste, it actually tastes quite good these days. Maybe because they don’t use stale bread anymore.


Unicorn Barf (USA)

Unicorn Barf (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Possibly the most eye grabbing dessert on this list, unicorn barf is made out of regular marshmallows and cereal marshmallows.


Pandan Waffles (Vietnam)

Pandan Waffles (Vietnam)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

If you’re into coconuts then this Vietnamese street food is for you!


Halva (Middle East)

Halva (Middle East)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

This dessert can also be found in India and is typically made out of semolina flour mixed with ghee. Carrots, lentils, and beans can be added.


Deep-fried Mars Bar (Scotland)

Deep-fried Mars Bar (Scotland)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Hopefully Scotland doesn’t have a shortage of Cardiologists


Cendol (Malaysia)

Cendol (Malaysia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

No, those aren’t worms. This Malaysian dessert is made with jelly noodles, coconut milk, beans, and palm sugar.


Martabek (Indonesia)

Martabek (Indonesia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Also found in Malaysia, these pancakes are sweet and savory (chocolate and cheese)


Chocolate Covered Crickets (Thailand)

Chocolate Covered Crickets (Thailand)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Sounds delicious


Wasabi Ice Cream (Japan)

Wasabi Ice Cream (Japan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Leave it to Japan


Tavuk göğsü (Turkey)

Tavuk göğsü (Turkey)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

This dessert is made from minced chicken breast sweetened with rice, milk, and sugar

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