25 Strange And Interesting Bits Of Trivia About Our World

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It never hurts to learn a little strange trivia about our world. From a city in China that is the size of the United Kingdom to an undersea mountain chain that makes the Himalayas look like toys, our world is overflowing with wonder and awe-inspiring discoveries. With so much information, Earth rarely ever gets boring. It’s so ripe with things to learn it would likely take thousand upon thousands of lists just to scratch the surface. But, we’ll take it slow and start with these 25 strange and interesting bits of trivia about our world.

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Cuba is the only Caribbean island with a railway.

electric railway cuba

Less than one percent of the Caribbean islands are inhabited.


Alaska is the most Northern, Eastern, and Western state in all of America.


It is also the only state to enter the eastern hemisphere.

alaska state

The shortest place name is ‘Å’ it is located in both Sweden and Norway.


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