25 Stockholm Metro Stations That Will Truly Amaze You

Posted by , Updated on June 21, 2017


Usually, metro (or subway) stations are not the nicest and cleanest places in the world. Trash scattered all around, unpleasant noises and smells, crowds of rushing people – these are the things that most people would actually associate metro stations with. Fortunately, not all metro stations look like that. There are many cities known for clean and reliable rapid transit systems that make using the public transport a highly enjoyable experience. Moscow, Budapest, Naples, Munich, Shanghai or Lisbon – using the metro in any of these cities is said to be a pleasure, but there is a city that beats them all. That city is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Dating back to 1950’s, Stockholm’s metro is often referred to as “the world’s longest art gallery,” and there is a good reason why it was given this graceful nickname. In fact, a vast majority of local metro stations have been decorated with impressive sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings, and reliefs by over 150 different artists. Consequently, many of those 900,000 riders who use the Stockholm metro every day feel like they are visiting a giant art gallery rather than just travelling from one stop to another. To show you how beautiful something as mundane as a metro station can actually be, we present you with this list featuring 25 Stockholm Metro Stations That Will Truly Amaze You.


Solna Centrum Station

Solna Centrum StationImage: commons.wikimedia.org

T-Centralen Station

Train_at_T-Centralen_T-Bana_station_in_Stockholm_SwedenImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Stadion Station

Stadion StationImage: commons.wikimedia.org/flickr

Kungstradgarden Station

Kungstradgarden StationImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Tekniska Högskolan Station

Tekniska Högskolan StationImage: en.wikipedia.org (public domain)

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