25 Secret Facts About The Real Illuminati, Revealed

Did you know that the Illuminati were real? No, not the conspiracy-theory-string-pulling-one-world-order-tin-foil-hat type of Illuminati. There was an actual, historical group called the Bavarian Illuminati that was founded in Germany in the 18th century. It didn’t last long, but it lasted long enough to be the source of numerous conspiracy theories, even to this day. So let’s take a trip back through time because these are 25 Secret Facts About The Real Illuminati, Revealed!

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In spite of their small number, people began to find out about the Illuminati and their opposition of monarchy. Combined with the fact that many members had high ranking positions in society, this led to tension and distrust between the Illuminati, the government, and the church.

church vs illuminatiSource: livescience.com

Some rather ambitious members also made it quite obvious that they favored their own candidates for important positions. This led to even more opposition and tension.

gavelSource: livescience.com


Alarmed by the potential for instability, the Duke of Bavaria banned all secret societies in 1784 and started the hunt to root out Illuminati members. This forced Weishaupt to flee Bavaria.

Flag_map_of_BavariaSource: dw.de

At the turn of the 19th century, there were several books and theories published claiming that the Illuminati had survived and that they were behind the French Revolution. This conspiracy theory most likely took hold because the ideals of the French Revolution were similar to those of the Illuminati.

french revolutionSource: nationalgeographic.com


Today, there are several fraternal organizations that claim to be descended from the original Bavarian Illuminati...though there is no verifiable evidence of the claims. There have also been many more conspiracy theories (besides the French Revolution) related to the alleged surviving Illuminati, including JFK's assassination. Once again, however, there isn't any verifiable evidence to support these claims.

jfkSource: thelocal.de

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