25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Posted by , Updated on September 14, 2016

Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen and most are either ridiculous or just plain impossible. But, every once in a while we come to find out that the ridiculously impossible is actually true. Go figure! It seems like some conspiracy enthusiasts might be on to something after all! There are indeed some conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

You might be wondering then: Which conspiracy theories are indeed true? Not to worry we got you covered. On this list, we are going to go over crazy scientific experiments, bizarre modified animals, spying technology (and those who use them), and even rigged sports events (just to name a few). In other words; wrestling is fake, the NSA is spying on us, and your ATM can recognize you. These are not silly theories, they are indeed happening, right now. So hang on tight because we are about to look at 25 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.


The military is conspiring to instill fear in the populace


A classic theory, this one proved to be true when John F. Kennedy went haywire on the Joint Chiefs of Staff for planning to cause insane mayhem throughout America. Some say this was why he was eventually assassinated.


Heart attack guns exist


It’s real and it was disclosed by the CIA in 1975. It fires a bullet made of ice, dipped in shellfish toxin which immediately induces a heart attack.


FBI is conspiring against civil activists


Known as COINTELPRO, this was the FBI’s anti activist program. It targeted numerous groups such as the black panthers and the NAACP.


Mockingbird is a branch of the CIA


Basically the CIA’s secret paramilitary branch, reporter David Bruce uncovered it’s footprints and stated that 50% of international politics in the last century was influenced by it.


Fascists plan to overthrow the US government


Ok, it doesn’t sound too farfetched…and it wasn’t. General Smedley Butler testified before congress about how he had been approached with just such a plan.


The Gulf of Tonkin incident never really happened


Long considered a coverup by the CIA, we now know it was the NSA that dropped the ball and the incident that the United States used to spark the Vietnam War was only partially true.


The FBI poisoned alcohol during prohibition


As far fetched as it may seem, the FBI did try to “dissuade” people from drinking.


CIA pays for false testimony


People like Nayirah al-Sabah, who testified in court against Iraqi soldiers, were proven to be paid off by the CIA and even given acting classes.


Asbestos is dangerous


People long thought that Asbestos companies were covering up its dangers. In the 90s, however, the truth came out and their worst fears were confirmed.


ATM’s use facial recognition technology


Although we can’t say they’re on the market yet, security firm Diebold did recently come out with just such a contraption.


There’s cancer in your vaccines


The CDC admitted that tens of millions of Americans received a contaminated polio vaccine infected with cancer inducing SV40.


Texas is going to run out of water


According to several reports, in recent years Texas has even had to import water.


The IRS is targeting conservatives


This discriminatory taxation was all over the news recently and caused some embarrassment for the liberal side of the American politics.


Fluoride is bad for your teeth


Long denied, recently the Department of Health and Human Services are proposing a change to drinking water due to factors such as streaking on children’s teeth.


Cellphones cause cancer


It sounds ridiculous but some studies show that using a phone even half an hour a day can increase brain tumors over the long run.


The NSA is tapping your phonelines


Thanks to Edward Snowden and his recent disclosures we now know this is true.


Scientists use millions of genetically modified animals in research


Just in the UK last year nearly 2 million genetically modified animals were experimented on.


The government is conspiring against opponents of genetically modified food


According to a report released by the largest news outlet in Germany, several governments are waging cyber war against groups opposing genetically modified food.


Scientists are creating human/animal hybrids


Although talking goats are still on the horizon, human and animal genes have successfully been mixed.


The World Series was rigged


Although lots of games get thrown, the 1919 World Series was probably the biggest scandal of them all. Eight players from the Chicago White Sox ended up in court.


The CIA tried to develop mind control


Whether it was successful or not is another story but project MK Ultra was a real program run by the CIA to develop mind control techniques.


US is secretly selling weapons to Iran


Now known as the Iran Contra affair, the government was exchanging weapons for hostages


The CIA operates “Black Sites”

The CIA operates “Black Sites”

When President Bush admitted that these under-the-radar terrorist prisons exist, they were supposedly shut down and most of the prisoners were transferred to Guantanamo.


Watergate was put on by Nixon

Watergate was put on by Nixon

Although it took a long time, when Deep Throat came forward recently all questions were dispelled about who was involved.


Wrestling is fake

Wrestling is fake conspiracy

We know, it seems trivial compared to the rest of the list, but when a fan who called himself Dolphins1925 started releasing the winners of wrestling matches ahead of time it really caused an outrage…and got wrestling the top spot on our list.

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