25 Sad Statistics About College Education In The United States

Posted by , Updated on June 25, 2015

Although the United States is home to 50 out of the top 100 colleges, it’s not all sunshine and roses in the land of the free. In fact, with the cost of college education on the rise, many young students have been making the choice to study abroad in places like Europe where college is either free, or pretty close to it. These are 25 sad statistics about college education in the United States.


The percentage of mail carriers with a college degree is 4 times higher than it was in 1970

us postal serviceSource: mises.org, Image: wikipedia

Today in the United States over 24% of retail salespeople have a college degree

walmartSource: collegeaffordability.blogspot.com

More than 1/3 of college graduates end up taking jobs that don't even require college degrees

firefighterSource: businessinsider.com, Image: wikipedia

The unemployment rate for college graduates under 25 has reached nearly 10%

layoffsSource: Economic Policy Institute, Image: pixabay

Only a little over half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 were employed last year. That statistics is the lowest it has been since the end of WWII

unemploymentSource: hosted.ap.org, Image: wikipedia

Only 36% of full time students manage to receive a bachelor's degree within 4 years

clockSource: tampabay.com, Image: pixabay

35% of American college students spend less than 5 hours studying per week

studyingSource: usatoday.com, Image: pixabay

Actually, US college students spend nearly 50% less time studying than just one decade ago

bookSource: usatoday.com, Image: pixabay

Nearly 14% of students end up defaulting on their student loan debt within 3 years of making their first payment

debtSource: post-gazette.com, Image: ringling.libguides.com

The student default rate has almost doubled in the last 10 years

increasingSource: usatoday.com, Image: blog.calicospanish.com

As if things couldn't get any worse, websites like seekingarrangment.com have popped up where students sold themselves to sugar daddies in order to pay off their debt

dollar billsSource: huffingtonpost.com, Image: wikipedia

75% of Americans believe college is too expensive

college graduationSource: Pew Research, Image: wikipedia

23% of Americans use credit cards to pay tuition

credit cardSource: inteldaily.com, Image: pixabay

College textbook prices have nearly tripled in the last 10 years

college textbookSource: huffingtonpost.com, Image: wikipedia

In 1952 one full year of tuition at Harvard was $600 (that would be $5,000 today). Today, however, the tuition is over $35,000.

well that escalated quicklySource: nytimes.com

This is because over the course of the last quarter century college tuition has increase 6% faster than inflation

increasingSource: pimco.com, Image: wikipedia

US student debt is now higher than credit card debt

debtSource: nydailynews.com, Image: taxrebate.org.uk

As of the publication of this list the student debt is $1.2 trillion

im looking forward to paying off my debtSource: finaid.org

The average college graduate today will accumulate approximately $25,000 in debt

I should fake my death

Less than 1/3 of college students will not have debt upon graduation

jackie chan student debtSource: ticas.org

Average tuition at US private universities is over $27,000 per year

im lookin forward to the apocalypseSource: usatoday.com

This number has increased nearly 30% in the last 5 years

still paying my student loan debtsSource: usatoday.com

College education in Germany is completely free, including advanced degrees like medical school (the same goes for much of Europe)

are you seriously?Source: bbc.com

Actually, the United States has by far the most expensive college tuition out of any developed nation

dollarsSource: bbc.com, Image: pixabay

To end on a more upbeat note, America still has 50 of the top 100 universities in the world but many Americans have now chosen to study abroad

study abroadSource: dw.de, Image: pixabay

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