25 Richest Black People in the World

From the richest black man in history to the richest black woman in America, some of the wealthiest people in history have been black. From entertainers in Hollywood to politicians in Nigeria, from African Americans to British Africans to Jamaican Canadians and almost everything in between, against incredible adversity they have managed to prevail and build their fortunes. These are the 25 Richest Black People in the World!


Tiger Woods

Tiger WoodsSource: forbes.com

As one of the most famous golfers in the world, Tiger’s worth is estimated around $590 million.


Folorunso Alakija

Folorunso AlakijaSource: forbes.com

A Nigerian businesswoman, in 2014 Folorunso briefly unseated Oprah as the richest black woman in the world. Her net worth is currently estimated to be around $2.5 billion.


Mike Adenuga

Mike AdenugaSource: forbes.com

Often considered the second richest person in Nigeria, Mike Adenuga owns Globacom, Nigeria’s second largest telecom operator. His worth is estimated around $4.6 billion.


Robert F. Smith

Robert FSource: forbes.com

A former chemical engineer and investor, Robert is now a businessman and philanthropist. With $3 billion, he is one of the richest black men in the United States.


Sheila Johnson

Sheila JohnsonSource: businessinsider.com

A well known American businesswoman and TV producer, Sheila’s net worth comes in at around $400 million.

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