25 Red Flags On Your Resume That May Keep You From Getting The Job

These days the job market isn’t easy. There are definitely more qualified workers than there are jobs. This means that you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the hiring process. You need to have a solid resume. It needs to be bulletproof. What you may not realize is that people aren’t the only ones looking at it. At bigger companies it is typically a computer that scans your resume first. Only the resumes that get past that initial check will actually be seen by human eyes. This fact alone leads to several helpful tips in order to maximize the chances of getting your resume into the human resources department. But not only are there things that you should do, there are also things you shouldn’t do. Today we’re going to go over the biggest mistakes that people make when they are creating their resumes. Some of these involve pet peeves of hiring managers, others are just little technicalities that lead to your resume getting thrown out. Either way though, our goal is to get you an interview. If you can get that far, then you’re on your own. These are 25 red flags on your resume that may keep you from getting the job.

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Cutesy contact Information

Cutesy contact InformationSource: reddit

Emails like [email protected] are a sure fire way to land your resume in the trash bin. Make sure your email is professional sounding.


Lengthy gaps

Lengthy gapsSource: reddit

If you have lengthy gaps on your resume it can set you back so in your cover letter you’ll need to explain why (kids, education, saving the world, etc). Just remember it’s always better to be honest. Employers are concerned about you losing your edge so also mention what you have been doing to stay on top of the industry.


Being unemployed

Being unemployedSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If this is you, you’re not alone. Companies don’t like this because they think it causes your skills to dry up. Our advice: try to pick up freelancing or consulting work to add to your resume. If all else fails, at least volunteer for a worthy cause so that you can talk about your experience (see the last item)


Changing jobs too often

Changing jobs too oftenSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This makes it seem like you are uncommitted. They will train you and you will run. You need to alleviate their fears and briefly justify why you changed companies so often in your cover letter.


Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakesSource: reddit

While some recruiters are more lax on this than others, you should do everything you can to maximize your chance of getting the job. Proofread!

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