25 Reasons You Should Definitely Visit The Alps

As the largest mountain range in Europe, the Alps are filled with beautiful waterfalls, scenic glaciers, and quaint alpine villages. If that’s not enough to make you want to buy a plane ticket maybe our list will help convince you. Here are 25 reasons you should definitely visit the Alps.


The Alps take up more than a tenth of Europe's land area

AlpsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

For centuries the Alps' economy mainly consisted of agriculture (and still does), but today tourism has become a very important industry

cowsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

They used to be a remote, hard-to-live-in region that separated cultures and nations

Alpine hornsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In fact, many valleys have their own dialect or language

Farmers in the AlpsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Due to amazing scenery and better access, tourists can now enjoy hiking and skiing all year round

Train in the AlpsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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