25 Reasons Why You And Your Ex Broke Up

Breakups will crack your heart open and can make you feel like a failure, but using the light that shines through those cracks as an opportunity for reflection will illuminate what went wrong. This can prevent you from making the same mistakes twice or even give you the opportunity to fix the ones you have made. 

Working at Relationship Hero means helping our clients navigate dozens of different relationship problems every single day, ranging from small stubborn-fueled disagreements to heart-crushing blow-ups. While the triggers and content of every fight differ, at the crux of the issue is always a misunderstanding or miscommunication stemming from a disconnect in some aspect of their lives. 

Although it is true that every relationship, and therefore breakup, is unique and laced with nuances, when you strip those details away to unearth the bare bones of conflict and human interaction, you can uncover patterns in the types of relationship problems that drive couples apart. 

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Unforgivable Cheating

Trust and security create the foundation for a successful relationship. When cheating occurs, that foundation is cracked or even shattered.

Infidelity can cover a lot of different levels of cheating (physical, emotional, going on dates, joining dating sites), and what constitutes infidelity is personal to the couple.

Experiencing infidelity can trigger feelings of hurt, fear, and shame, but the issue is rarely as simple as being attracted to someone else. It is usually the result of personal insecurities or emotional needs not being met.


Vanishing Sexual Attraction

We try so hard at the beginning of relationships to attract potential partners, putting effort into how we present ourselves and into making things exciting.

It’s wonderful to experience more comfort and security as the relationship progresses, but when that comfort melts away into complacency, it becomes an issue.

Loss of attraction can enter a relationship through many avenues, but common ones include lack of care about physical appearance, loss of motivation, and interactions no longer being fun and flirtatious.

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