25 Reasons Why You MUST Go To Burning Man Once In Your Life

Burning Man is the biggest and most bizarre party in the world, comprised of 60,000 people camping in the desert of Nevada for a week. It’s utter insanity that will rock your world forever. Here are 25 reasons why you must go to Burning Man once in your life. You won’t be able to stop yourself from going after reading this article.

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Art Installations




The Burning Man guide is full of hundreds of workshops, ranging from the most depraved spanking classes to the most spiritual meditation/yoga classes. Examples:

Holotropic Breathing
DIY Energy Machine
Gong Meditation
Laughter Yoga
Radical Improv
Introduction to Open Relationships & Polyamory
Knife Throwing
The Neurobiology of Hallucination
How to Save the World
Talking with Strangers


Fire Dodgeball


The description in the guide read: “Bring your own gloves.” I didn’t have gloves… so I played dodgeball without flaming balls flying at my face. Next year will be different!


‘Truth is Beauty’ Statue


This sculpture has quickly become one of the most iconic images from BM, but pictures do not do her justice. At night, the woman fluctuates from being completely dark, to having a light pulsate from near her heart, to exploding with light over her entire body. It is rapturous to watch this from below.


Dust Storms


No matter what time of day, you cannot leave camp without goggles and a dust mask lest you find yourself in the middle of a dust storm. The worst storms prevent you from seeing 5-feet in front of you. This might sound horrible, but it actually adds a really fun element to the experience.

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