25 Quickest Ways To Get In Trouble (Or Offend People) While Travelling

Posted by , Updated on May 21, 2024

From strange looks to execution, the repercussions will vary, but one thing is for sure, these are the 25 quickest ways to get in trouble (or offend people) while travelling.



Not flushing a public bathroom in Singapore.

cultural faux pas

You could face a $150 fine


Bringing cigarettes to Bhutan.

cultural faux pas

Your punishment will most likely involve several years in jail.


Touching someone's head in Thailand.

cultural faux pas

It’s considered very rude.


A public kiss in Saudi Arabia.

cultural faux pas

The typical punishment is 120 lashes.


Stepping over people's legs in Nepal.

cultural faux pas

Once again, extremely rude.


Giving people the thumbs up in Iran.

cultural faux pas

It’s actually a very offensive gesture.


Bringing gum to Singapore.

cultural faux pas

The fine will be over $5,000.


Giving scissors or knives as a gift in El Salvador.

cultural faux pas

This symbolizes a desire to end the relationship.


Bringing Marigolds to dinner in Mexico.

cultural faux pas

This flower signifies death.


Insulting the king in Thailand.

cultural faux pas

Expect to spend no less than 10 years in jail.


Stepping on money in Thailand

cultural faux pas

Keep in mind, the kings face is on the banknotes…


Spitting in Singapore

cultural faux pas

Similar to chewing gum, expect to be arrested.


Stopping for pedestrians in China

cultural faux pas

If you’re driving just keep going. Stopping for people to cross in front of you risks a fine.


Feeding the pigeons in St Mark's square in Venice, Italy

cultural faux pas

Tourists are fined if caught.


Bringing sinus or allergy inhalers to Japan

cultural faux pas

If your inhaler contains pseudoepinephrine, you will most likely be detained.


Swearing in Australia

cultural faux pas

In certain areas you can be fined up to $500.


Eating near public buildings in Italy (Florence)

cultural faux pas

The punishment typically involves some sort of fine.


Photographing public buildings in Saudi Arabia

cultural faux pas

You will almost certainly be arrested.


Taking mineral water into Nigeria

cultural faux pas

It will confiscated and you may receive a fine.


Dressing in camouflage in Barbados

cultural faux pas

As usual, a fine awaits you.


Putting salt on your food in Egypt

cultural faux pas

The chef will be very insulted.


Giving a gift with your left hand in the Middle East, Pakistan, and India

cultural faux pas

In these places the left hand is typically used to perform tasks that westerners reserve for toilet paper. Always use your right hand.


Pointing your palm at somebody in Greece

cultural faux pas

The only thing worse is pointing both your palms at somebody.


Placing your chopsticks upright in your bowl

cultural faux pas

No matter where you are, if the people use chopsticks this is usually a bad idea.


Bringing medicine to Asia

cultural faux pas

The rules vary from country to country and some places are far more strict than others, but keep in mind that your legal, over the counter medications can land you in jail in some Asian countries.