25 Places That Are Suspiciously Blurry On Google Maps

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2024

For security reasons or simply out of paranoia, there are numerous locations on Google Earth that are off-limits for public explorations. Certain governments have specifically asked Google to obscure some regions, while in other instances the only satellite images accessible to the general public are significantly outdated (such as the White House). This list comprises 25 sites that are notably blurred on Google Maps.



Mobile Oil Corporation, New York

Mobil Oil Corporationgoogle maps

Although most places get blurred out due to the possibility of being a terrorist target, Mobil has been criticized for doing so needlessly.


Volkel Air Base, Netherlands

Volkel Air Base, Netherlandsgoogle maps

After WikiLeaks published diplomatic correspondence confirming the presence of nuclear weapons this place got really blurry really quick.


Mazda Raceway, California

Mazda Racewaygoogle maps

Although military installations make sense to blur out, this heavily whited out California racetrack is probably one of the stranger examples of Google censorship.


Tantauco National Park, Chile

Tantauco National Park, Chilegoogle maps

Although no one is sure why, this reserve for endangered species was completely scrubbed from Google maps.


Alexei Miller House, Russia

Alexei Miller House, Russiagoogle maps

This is supposedly the home of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, but the blurriness makes us think it might be a whole lot more…


Missile silos, Spain

Missile silos, Spaingoogle maps

According to locals, on this spot there is a small building that somewhat resembles a missile silo. Furthermore it can be found yahoo maps but not Google.


Elmira Correctional Facility, USA

Elmira Correctional Facility, USAgoogle maps

After numerous riots, uprisings, and mass escapes, officials are apparently worried that there might be an aerial breakout attempt at the highest level prison in New York.



HAARP, Hakon, Alaska, USAgoogle maps

The focal point of numerous conspiracy theories, the site of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is completely blurred out.


Babylon, Iraq

Babylon, Iraqgoogle maps

Although the surrounding farms and landscape is visible, the city of Babylon is completely blurry.


Unknown area, Russia

Unknown area, Russiagoogle maps

Some says its a missile system, some say its a testing facility but nobody is really sure what actually exists here and it seems that an image was inserted from another region of Russia.


Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlands

Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlandsgoogle maps

While surrounding trees and wooded areas can be seen clearly the palace itself is completely out of focus.


Oil Refinery, Hungary

Oil Refinery, Szazhalombatta, Hungarygoogle maps

Painted green, the ground and buildings are completely missing in one of the stranger cases of censorship on this list.


Pacific Northwest, USA

Pacific Northwest, USAgoogle maps

Found near the border of Washington and Oregon, locals have apparently inspected the area and found nothing except for a n ominous looking fence.


Air base Ramstein, Germany

Air base Ramstein, Germanygoogle maps

The central point for “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, it’s not too surprising that this location is a bit blurry.


Baker Lake, Northern Canada

Baker Lakegoogle maps

There is no consensus as to why this strip of land is blackened but apparently one popular explanation says its hiding 3 extraterrestrial beacons that we stole from outer space.


Airbase at Reims, France

Airbase at Reims, Francegoogle maps

Yet another airforce base, it seems that these have a pretty solid track record of getting blurred out.


NATO Headquarters Portugal

NATO Headquarters Portugalgoogle maps

The Portuguese headquarters of NATO got another piece of Google Earth pasted over top of it.


Keowee Dam, South Carolina

Keowee Dam, South Carolinagoogle maps

Although in some cases it makes sense to completely blur out dams, we’re not sure about this one.


Seabrook Nuclear Station, New Hampshire

Seabrook Nuclear Station, New Hampshiregoogle maps

Unlike a random dam in South Carolina, we understand why this place might be a little blurry.


Noordwijk Aan Zee, Netherlands

Noordwijk Aan Zeegoogle maps

Home To the ESTEC or European Space Research And Technology Centre, a big part of this small dutch community is very obviously obscured.


Minami Torishima Airport, Japan

Minami Torishima Airport, Japangoogle maps

This one runway airport serving the island of Minami Torishima on the east coast of Japan is very over saturated with whiteness and is currently being used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.


The Michael Aaf Building, Utah

The Michael Aaf Building, Utahgoogle maps

The Dugway Proving Ground in Utah is an area used by the US Army to test bio and chemical weapons. The Michael Aaf building that is located there is completely whited out.


Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York

Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New Yorkgoogle maps

This high tech and eco friendly facility generates electricity from natural gas as part of an effort by the university to reduce CO2 emmision. You won’t get to see the process happen from above though because it is completely blurred out.


Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sandersgoogle street view

Whenever you find a KFC on Google street view expect to see the Colonel’s face blurred out. According to Google reps this is because he was a real person and people’s faces are never allowed to be shown.


North Korea

North Koreagoogle maps

Although not blurred out this is one place you won’t find on Google street view anytime in the future. Although satellite imagery does exist, street names and locations have only been filled in according to sparse accounts from those who have escaped or visited.