25 Perfectly Good Things That Aren’t What They Used to Be

Posted by , Updated on February 14, 2024

The key thing in this list is not whether or not the item in question is still messed up. It’s that at some point in the past it got messed up. It may still be messed up, but it may also be fixed. The idea is that it was fine just the way it was and then something happened that made it worse. Of course, this tends to happen with most perfectly good things.

While some of the changes were and are objectively bad, others are more subjective. For example, from a user’s perspective, youtube ads are a bad thing. They get in the way of what we want to see, and they are annoying. From a content producers perspective, youtube ads are a great thing. They generate income and allow people to make a living just creating youtube videos. Of course, in the end, the youtube ads lead to more and better content so they actually help the users as well, but we aren’t considering such indirect and long term effects in our list (as valid as they may be). Without a doubt this means that this list contains a strong element of subjectivity, but c’est la via.

These are 25 Perfectly Good Things That Aren’t What They Used To Be!

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Thanks to the internet, clickbait has become the norm. There’s no time for fact checking.



BlockbusterImage: wikipedia

Remember going to the neighborhood Blockbuster with your parents, choosing a movie, and then have the excitement build up on the ride home? Netflix took care of that.


US Presidential Elections

US Presidential Elections

It used to be about issues. Today it’s about things we can’t even mention here.



DisconnectingImage: wikipedia

This used to mean going for a walk. Now there’s the internet.



StrawberriesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Before they figured out how to make them all bright red, you used to be able to tell if they were ripe just by looking at them.



PrivacyImage: pixabay

No matter what they say, it doesn’t exist anymore. Not like it used to.


ISIS Ice Cream

ISIS Ice CreamImage: pixabay, Source: wikipedia

This was an actual brand of ice cream in Denmark. They rebranded.


Prank Calling

Prank CallingImage: pexels

Thanks, caller ID.



MTVImage: wikipedia

Remember when they showed music videos on music video television? Kids these days probably don’t even know what MTV stands for.


Black Friday

Black FridaySource: reddit

This used to happen only in the brick and mortar stores, but now it happens online too. Hello, price gouging. Right before Black Friday, all the prices skyrocket, and they fall again. Because sales!


Being an artist

Being an artistImage: pexels, Source: reddit

Whether it’s musicians, writers, whatever, these days you don’t even have time to focus on playing your instrument. It’s more about being present on facebook, snapchat, twitter, instagram, etc. The signal to noise ratio is deafening, and while artists used to focus on their art, these days it’s more about running non-stop social media campaigns.


The Library of Alexandria

The Library of AlexandriaImage: pexels, Source: wikipedia

The burning of the largest and most significant library in the ancient world has become a symbol for the loss of cultural knowledge.


Keep Calm And Carry On

Keep Calm And Carry OnImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

In 1939, this was how the British government was planning to instill hope into its people during the middle of the Nazi bombing campaign. Today it has become one of the most trivialized phrases in history. And no the Chive did not start this phrase.


Entering the airport terminal without a ticket

Entering the airport terminal without a ticketImage: wikipedia

To everyone born post-911, yes, you used to be able to accompany your relatives all the way to the gate.


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

It used to do exactly what it advertised…tell us the weather. Then came talk shows, documentaries, and a barely navigable website. What happened?


A lot of movie franchises

A lot of movie franchisesImage: wikipedia





It was so awesome when we were kids; now it’s just annoying.



eBayImage: wikipedia

It used to be for picking up good deals, now it’s basically just an online shopping mall that consists of thousands of smaller stores.


European cities during WWII

European cities during WWIIImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Although some cities (like Prague) managed to escape the mayhem, most of the big ones had to be almost completely reconstructed.


Discovery/TLC/Animal Planet/History Channel

Discovery/TLC/Animal Planet/History ChannelSource: reddit

They used to actually show good content. Now they show reality TV.




It used to be about your circle of friends. Now it’s about…well…stuff.




Gone are the days when you didn’t have to watch ads before each video.


The Arab Spring

The Arab SpringImage: wikipedia, Source: bbc

2011 was supposed to be the year of democratic uprisings in the Arab world. Instead, they just sort of became…uprisings. And now much of the Arab world is even worse off than it was before.


Pushing people into pools

Pushing people into pools

Thanks cellphones for ruining a perfectly good prank.


DSLR Cameras

Perfectly Good ThingsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

It’s become more of a fashion statement than an art form.


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