25 People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably

With some jobs, it’s okay to make a few mistakes and learn from them. But, with others, there’s no room for error. You’re given one job, and you better do it right the first time, otherwise, it could have some serious consequences. Or, if anything, it’ll make you look like a total idiot. Sadly, too often, people are given that one job and they fail horrendously. Whether it’s not spelling something correctly or putting the wrong thing in the wrong spot, it’s baffling how many major mistakes people have made. Ready to see some pathetic failures? Here are 25 People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably.


You "noly" had one job...


Whoever made this probably got promoted, too.

left and right

Don't go to this school unless you love irony.

college of architecture

The person who made the remote returns.

turn left

Made by the College of Architecture and Planning.


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