25 Overpriced Things That Are A Waste Of Your Money

Posted by , Updated on July 20, 2015

From houses to skin products, you most likely pay far more than you should for things that really aren’t worth that much. These are 25 overpriced things that are a waste of your money.



cable tvSource: youtube, netflix, the internet

Why pay for cable when you have the internet?


A law degree

diplomaSource: nytimes.com

Unless you know people in high places or you are guaranteed to graduate top of your class at an ivy league school, don’t go to law school. $100,000 of debt will not be fun when you realize that law is not what you think it is.


Unlimited texting

textingSource: nytimes.com

If you have a data plan then you definitely don’t need unlimited texts. Whatsapp gets it done.


Noise canceling headphones

noise canceling headphonesSource: lifehacker.com

You can make your own using a number of techniques that will eliminate noise extremely effectively. Just google around a bit.


Diamond rings

diamond ringSource: upworthy.com

As you may know by now, the idea that “diamonds are forever” is quite literally the result of an incredibly successful marketing campaign by De Beers in the 1950s. Before that nobody actually wanted diamonds very much and the truth is diamonds aren’t even rare (although De Beers has a monopoly so it makes it seem like they are). With a little creativity you may be able to find a way to express your love without lining the pockets of the De Beers fat cats.


Brand name products

generic productsSource: lifehacker.com

Although some things are actually better when you buy the brand, others are chemically, scientifically, and even metaphysically (we’re joking) indistinguishable. Like medicines.


Skin products that slow down aging

skin productSource: phys.org

They don’t work. Just ask any doctor or scientist. You will get old, accept it, rock your wisdom.


Bread machines

bread machineSource: jocooks.com

It’s actually not that hard to make bread in a regular pot.


Pure bread pets

corgiSource: buzzfeed.com

By getting a dog from the shelter you may actually save its life. And mutts are actually more “pure” anyway, genetically speaking.



weddingSource: forbes.com

The average price of a wedding in the US is $30,000. The average household income is around $60,000. Enough said.



cigaretteSource: fool.com

If you smoke a pack a day, then you’re spending about $2,000 per year.


A House

houseSource: usatoday.com

We won’t list them here but there are a lot of compelling financial reasons that you may not want to own a house.


Dining out

eating outSource: reddit

Sure, it’s nice to not have to cook, but this is one of the fastest ways to eat your paycheck. See what we did there? Besides, there are a number of other things you can do, like inviting your friends over and having a barbecue!


Buying anything the second that it is released

newSource: businessinsider.com

Wait. Just wait. Do you really need the brand new iPhone 6SxP5 version 3.001 turbo charged gold limited edition? Probably not. Besides, it will be a lot cheaper in a year.


Bottled water

bottled waterSource: yahoo.com

Yes, we know. The water comes from the purest of alpine springs found deep in the Himalayas, completely untouched by human hands. Or it’s just tap water in a bottle.


Checking accounts you pay for

credit cardSource: businessinsider.com

Why would you pay a bank to make money off of your money? Free checking accounts exist.


Gym memberships

gym membershipSource: forbes.com

If you’re a gym rat then this doesn’t apply to you. The rest of you know that you won’t keep your new years resolution but that won’t stop you from paying for that membership will it?


Tax preparation

taxesSource: usatoday.com

Unless you have some kind of really complicated situation, you can most likely file your taxes online using free tools.


New cars

new carsSource: msn.com

As soon as you drive the car off the lot it loses a lot of value. Buying a car that’s just one year old is a much better deal already.



rvSource: msn.com

Like cars they have really bad resale value. Furthermore you probably won’t use it that much. Renting is a much better idea.


Extended warranties

extended warrantySource: nytimes.com

Most products are already covered by a manufacturers warranty that includes the majority of potential issues. Besides, by the time that extended warranty becomes useful you’ll probably have a bought something newer anyway.



boatsSource: ibtimes.com

As they say, the happiest day in a boat owners life is the day he purchases the boat. Maintaining a boat can be quite a financial burden, especially if you don’t use it very often.


Time shares

beachSource: thestreet.com

Although the sales pitch can be quite compelling and there may be some situations where a time share could conceivably be a decent investment, generally your best bet is to avoid them thanks to the numerous hidden costs.


Starbucks coffee

starbucksSource: economist.com

Your average cup of coffee at Starbucks is marked up by 300%. Making your own at home is usually more convenient too.


College textbooks

textbooksSource: ft.com

Apart from the fact that college education itself is often considered an overpriced waste of money, the textbooks really make things a lot worse. At least rent or borrow them.

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