25 Of The Most Failed States In The World

There are numerous failed state indices released every year that rank the countries of the world based on their status in several categories. These include human rights abuses, poverty, and public infrastructure. Today we’re going to take a closer look at 25 of the most failed states in the world.

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This small nation in the Horn of Africa has been a dictatorship since its 1993 independence from Ethiopia. Since then it has been in constant military struggle with its neighbor and has terrible scores on human rights and state legitimacy.



failed states

One of the poorest nations on Earth, it has almost no infrastructure whatsoever. It lacks clean water, telephone service, and even sewage systems. It also has a huge problems with refugees and displacement.


North Korea

failed states

According to the FSI or failed state index, North Korea ranks worst on legitimacy of state. Human rights violations are a fact of life and according to various sources nearly 2 million people have died in the last 10 years from starvation alone.



failed states

Uganda scored lowest on its rapidly increasing demographic pressures as well as numerous sources of socioeconomic instability.



failed states

After two years of civil war Syria is only getting worse.

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