25 Of The Most Bizarre Animals You’ve Ever Heard Of Before

The world has more living creatures than most people know. In fact, the total number of species that we know is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands more out there whose names people still have not heard of, either because they are too hidden to be found or because their population is too small. Here is a list of 25 bizarre animals you probably have never heard of before:

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Also known as “trenggiling” or “scaly anteater,” pangolin is a mammal that belongs to the order Pholidota. It is called scaly anteater because o the thick and large keratin scales that cover its entire body. This animal is naturally found in tropical regions like Asia and Africa.




This African antelope literally means “rock jumper” in Africa. Also called “myundla,” it is mostly found in the mountainous regions of Southern Africa and Ethiopia. It is a herbivore that is usually preyed upon by eagles and leopards.




The potto is a Lorisidae primate that is also known by the name “Bosman’s potto.” Also called a “softly-softly,” this animal is covered with grey-brown woolly fur and has opposable thumbs that allow it to grasp branches firmly.


Sugar Glider


Mostly found in the eastern and northern parts of mainland Australia, the sugar glider is a small nocturnal gliding possum that belongs to the infraclass marsupial. Its name is sugar glider because it prefers sugary nectarous foods and it resembles the flying squirrel when it glides through the air.


Fennec Fox


This fox is a small nocturnal fox that resides in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. It is characterized by its unusually gigantic ears, which help in dissipating heat. The name of this animal comes from the Arabic word fanak which means fox. It is known to be the smallest species of canid in the world today, and the functions of its organs are very well adaptable to low-water, desert and high temperature environments.

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