25 Odd Animal Behaviors You Might Not Be Aware Exist

Animals are unpredictable, mainly because they speak a different ‘language’ than we do. But to some degree, most animal behaviors are relatively similar. However, there are some animal behaviors that are just plain odd and can be either mind-blowingly awesome or downright frightening. From a shrimp that can create a sonic boom underwater to goats that faint when they’re surprised, these are 25 Odd Animal Behaviors You Might Not Be Aware Exist!

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Holding grudges

Holding grudgesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Crows have the ability to remember human faces, and apparently if they don’t like you they won’t forget you either. Scientists who trapped some crows for research made this discovery when the crows would constantly heckle them whenever they walked into the lab. By using masks they came to realize that the crows actually held a grudge against the people who had trapped them. Interestingly enough, the children of the crows would later carry on the same grudge.


Weasel War Dance

Weasel War DanceSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Ferrets will perform a series of frantic sideways hops whenever they get excited


Animal torture

Animal tortureSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Ichneumon wasps find a victim (usually a caterpillar), inject their eggs into the victim’s body, paralyze the victim, and then eat it while it is still alive. The worst part, however, is that the wasp consumes the fatty deposits and digestive organs first. This keeps the caterpillar alive for as long as possible.


Fecal attraction

Fecal attractionSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Hippos attract their mates by urinating and defecating simultaneously.


Creating a husband

Creating a husbandSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Histiostoma murchiei, a female mite, lays eggs without needing fertilization. When her sons grow up she copulates with them and the sons die shortly thereafter.

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