25 Odd Animal Behaviors You Might Not Be Aware Exist

Animals are unpredictable, mainly because they speak a different ‘language’ than we do. But to some degree, most animal behaviors are relatively similar. However, there are some animal behaviors that are just plain odd and can be either mind-blowingly awesome or downright frightening. From a shrimp that can create a sonic boom underwater to goats that faint when they’re surprised, these are 25 Odd Animal Behaviors You Might Not Be Aware Exist!

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Fainting Goats

Fainting GoatsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Also known as myotonic goats, these are domestic goats whose muscles completely freeze for about 10 seconds when they feel panic. This usually results in the goat falling on its side.


Kamikaze Birds

Kamikaze BirdsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

During the months of September and October on dark moonless nights, hundreds of birds dive to their deaths in the village of Jatinga, India. Contrary to some rumors, however, the birds do not actually throw themselves into the ground. They are usually speared and killed by superstitious local villagers. Scientists believe that some combination of environmental factors causes the birds to become disorientated and fly towards the village lights. Attempts have been made to educate the locals.


Cows all face the same direction when they eat

Cows all face the same direction when they eatSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

Well actually they pick one of two directions, either north or south. Scientists are still not sure why.


Whales “voices” are getting deeper every year

Whales “voices” are getting deeper every yearSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

It is only by a few hertz but for the last 40 years almost every recorded whale song has gotten progressively deeper over the course of time. Numerous theories have been put forth including everything from noise pollution to global warming.


Predicting Earthquakes

Predicting EarthquakesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikimedia

From worms to dogs, numerous animal species supposedly have this “super power” which has been recorded since the days of ancient Greece. In fact, some are said to predict earthquakes up to one week in advance. As usual, we are not exactly sure why and just as a disclaimer, some scientists reject this as coincidence.

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