25 Obsolete Protips From The 90’s That Are Fun To Remember

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Pro-tips can save you a lot of time. They’ll take you from novice to expert in just a few minutes. Okay, we’re exaggerating, but that’s the point. Pro-tips are supposed to make life easier for you and the people around you. They usually focus on a specific topic, like making your bed for example. The thing about the pro-tips that you’re going to see in this list, however, is that they’re special. Not only do they apply to specific topics, they also apply to a specific period of time. More specifically, the nineties. You may be wondering what sort of 90’s specific pro-tips there could possibly be out there, but that’s the point of this list. The world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. That’s right, only four years from the date of this writing the year 1990 will be 30 years ago! The internet has advanced, culture and music has shifted, even cell phones have completely changed. It’s incredible to think that many of the tips we used to give our friends don’t even apply anymore. Don’t believe us? Well, get ready because these are 25 Obsolete Protips From The 90’s That Are Fun To Remember!

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Print out the MapQuest directions before you go anywhere


If you want to download a song, start right before bed. It should be almost done when you wake up.

clockImage: pixabay

When you leave your car, hide your radio

car radioImage: wikipedia

Run home so you can delete the messages on the answering machine when you get in trouble at school.

answering machine

Save some time and get a VHS rewinder.

vhs rewinderImage: wikipedia

If you have a CD burner and Napster, you can make money at school by burning CD's for people.

napsterImage: Christiaan Colen via flickr

Note: even if this were still relevant, we don’t condone piracy.


Never shut down your computer unless it says, “It’s now okay to shut down your computer."

shut down

Fold tape over a dollar bill, put it in the soda machine, pull it out, and repeat. Now you have all the free soda you want. Well, until it runs out.

vending machineImage: wikipedia

Note: first of all, we don’t condone theft. Secondly, this doesn’t work on more modern machines, which is why it’s on our list.


If somebody prank calls you, dial *69 and call them back!

prank call

Sometimes you don’t want people to hear the phone ring (parents?), especially when you’re expecting a call. A simple way around this is to place your own call (to the movie theatre, for instance, where you can listen to all of the listings). Now just wait for the call waiting beep.

phoneImage: pixabay

Always carry extra AA batteries for your portable CD player.

batteriesImage: pixabay

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When you get mad, just chuck your phone against the wall because it won’t break (the phone, that is).


Don’t know the answer to something? Just make an educated guess and sound convincing. Nobody will be able to google check you.

googleImage: pixabay

Alta Vista is the best search engine.

alta vista

Use a heavy slammer to flip pogs. It doesn’t have to be the biggest; it just needs a little weight to it.


You only have to charge your phone once per week.

phoneImage: wikipedia

You only need 1 Age of Empire CD between 3 players

cdImage: pixabay

Keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment so you can take pictures if you get in an accident.

kodakImage: wikipedia

When your mouse starts skipping or lagging, take out that little ball and clean it. It’s usually just dust.

mouseImage: pixabay

When you pick up Blockbuster rentals in the evening your “2 days” will carry into the morning of the third day.

blockbusterImage: wikipedia

Always carry change for phone calls

phone boothImage: wikipedia

Just add “s” onto the end of “http” to bypass your school’s proxy.

httpsImage: pixabay

If your TV isn’t working, just hit it.

tvImage: pixabay

Before you use the internet, make sure that nobody is using the phone.

dialupImage: pixabay

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Do whatever you want because nobody has an iphone to record you, and there isn’t any social media to leave traces.

iphoneImage: pixabay

Now, no one is safe anymore.

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