25 Movies That You Would Never Expect To Be Sad

Sometimes you go to the movies to see something funny. Sometimes you just want to relax. Why is it then, that all of a sudden you find yourself watching a tear jerker and bawling your eyes out? It happens to the best of us. Today we are going to warn you about some movies that might elicit more sad emotions than anything else. Or, at the very least, they have the very serious potential to depress you. So, you have been warned! Also, this is another warning – there may be spoilers! So, if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to ruin anything, don’t read the descriptions. Just to put the movie buffs among you at ease, we have done our best to not spoil anything. Our descriptions of the movies should be sufficiently vague yet clear enough to portray the fact that the movie in question is indeed sad or depressing. Either way, for those of you who love sad movies, possibly the emos among you, this list is critical. You’ll definitely want to see some of these movies. So, don’t let us hold you back anymore. These are 25 movies that you would never expect to be sad!

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Gran Torino

Gran TorinoSource: reddit, Image: amazon

The ending, you just have to see the ending.


The Brave Little Toaster

The Brave Little ToasterSource: reddit, Image: amazon

It’s possibly the darkest animated movie about appliances that you will ever watch.


Lilo And Stitch

Lilo And StitchSource: reddit, Image: amazon

If you’ll learn one thing by the end of this list it’s that animated movies can be tearjerkers.


Forrest Gump

Forrest GumpSource: reddit, Image: amazon

Although it’s filled with potentially sad moments, the ending is especially potent.


The Grey

The GreySource: reddit, Image: amazon

If you were expecting an action packed film starring Liam Neeson fighting off wolves…well, sort of. But what you probably weren’t expecting was the absolute lack of any happiness…whatsoever.

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